El Emissario
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Universe SLB
Debut El Emisaurio del Subespacio
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends The Darkness
Every villain
Toon Mother Brain (Creator)
Enemies The Lightness
Master Hand
Every hero
Lawl Team Team Poseidon

El Emissario was the Leader of The Recreated Subspace Army. He is known for SLBysusparidas' El Emisaurio del Subespacio as a YouTube Poop Hispano miniseries, and possibly as well as the Director's Cut DX Remake.

Super Lawl

In Super Lawl, El Emissario is the leader of The Galaxy Army. Ressurected from a unknown girl, El Emmisario promised that he will get revenge from the heroes who defeated him by the Mega King in El Emisaurio del Subespacio. Thus creating The Galaxy Army, his plan is to take over the world (M. Bison: Of course!). He sends all of his minor, and major generals from around the world to attack, but his plan failed by the heroes, so he had no choice but conquering the planet by himself, but he was encountered by John, Robo, and 15 heroes who wants to stop his evil plans of world domination. After he was defeated, he absorbs all of the powers of dead villains who works with him to transform into the most dangerous form known as El-Anti Poop, the Subspace Emissary. As explained by Mother Brain in SubemisauR, he tells John that he was actually created by her as an experiment when he was a Kuramon-like creature, not The Darkness. Which John and his friends prepares to enter the Mega King for the epic final showdown between good and evil. After a hardass battle, the Mega King gets malfunctioned, this is the time El-Anti Poop prepares to charge his Ultimate Laser Attack that is deadly to destroy the remained heroes, but he was shoted in the tail by not other than Iris Sepperin, who survived from her castle's destruction and the reason why she betrade him to become more powerful than him. Iris destroyes The Galaxy Army Leader with one huge light blast, reducing him into pieces by pieces.

1st Form

HP and damage taken

HP Values Very Easy Easy Normal Hard Very Hard Intense
The Emmisary's Throne Room 530 610 675 735 790 830
Normal Slash Electric Freezing Fire Grass Water Darkness Aura Specials: Direct Specials: Indirect
Damage Taken ×0.8 ×0.8 ×0.8 ×0.8 ×0.8 ×0.8 ×0.8 ×3.0 ×0.8 ×0.8 ×0.2


The Emissary has the ability to shapeshift into anything, like a giant hand, a dragon's head, or a giant bat.

Move Damage Description
Eye Laser 6% Fires slow laser blasts from his eyes.
Firewall 2% each up to 20% Fires a big firewall that covers half the screen.
Rock Smash 13% Forms into a hand and drops a barrage of Rocks like Crazy Hand's Finger Bomb.
Dragon Laser 4% each up to 27% Forms into a dragon's head and fires a laser beam horizontally across the stage.
Dark Inferno 14% fire damage Taken from Dracula, he fires two (Three on the hardest difficulty) large orbs across the screen from his eyes.
Haymaker Punch 26% Taken from Galactus, he forms into a hand, pulls back and swings his fist across the stage. It causes a strong knockback.
Dark Virus 1% each up to 15% Summons a virus and chases the player. The player will be infected for 5 seconds.
Super Virus 3% each up to 30%
8% (Freeze)
13% (Fire)
2% (Stun)
20% (Burry)
Summons a Sigma Virus that boosts the infection (Means 10 seconds) or causes a random effect (Freezing, burning, stunning or burry).
Bat Drill 2.5% each up to 10.5% Taken from Phantom Bat, he turns into a giant bat and drills down into the ground.
Smash Throw 18% explosive Forms into a hand and tries to grab you. If grabbed, he will slam the player into the ground.
Teleport 0% Teleports around the stage.
Dark Heal N/A Heals 25% of his heath by absorbing a swarm of darkness.
Off-Waves 50% (75% on hardest difficulty) Taken from Tabuu, he unfolds his wings. Then proceeds to unleash three massive circular shockwaves that encompass the whole stage. If these hit, they will cause massive damage and knockback enough to one-hit KO the player.

2nd Form

Final Form (El-Anti Poop)

The Anti-Poop looks identical to Armageddemon, even through they are not the same person.

HP and damage taken

HP Values Very Easy Easy Normal Hard Very Hard Intense
The Final Battle 640 730 810 885 930 1000
Normal Slash Electric Freezing Fire Grass Water Darkness Aura Specials: Direct Specials: Indirect
Damage Taken ×1.0 ×0.7 ×0.9 ×0.2 ×0.2 ×0.8 ×0.8 ×0.8 ×0.8 ×0.2 ×3.5


Move Damage Description
Giant Laser 35% As the name says, he shoots a big laser from his mouth horizontaly across the stage.
Ball Barrage 8% per energy ball Shoots a barrage of energy balls from his mouth.
Teleporting Slam 25% Teleports, then slams into the ground, creating a shockwave.
Fire Sweep 13% Sweeps his flaming tail that causes to trip Mega King.
Fireball of Death Instant Charges up and fires from his mouth a small, but instant-kill fireball. The only way to dodge it, is to block the attack with the shield or roll dodge.

When he was below of his heath, his skin turns darker and replaces his attacks with new ones.

Move Damage Description
Shell Missile 8% Fires 5 small energy shell from his back into the sky, then rains down to make small explosions when touching the ground or hits Mega King.
Hyper Armor N/A Makes him temporally invincible for a short period of time.
Ultimate Laser Attack N/A Only seen in the cutscene, he charges up and was about to fire but gets interrupted by Iris. It can be described by Sailor Mercury as a "powerful blue laser of destruction that has the ability to destroy half the earth".


  • El Emmisario is the only character that he likes The Darkness.
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