They Still Want Their Promotion


What Do You Mean Janitors?

Private Goomp Hops Out of a Mop Bucket


Neutral B - Goomp's Goombas

Goomp Sends Some Goombas To Rush Opponents

Side B - Sergeant's Cannon

Sergeant Fires His Cannon, Dealing Massive Damage. He Has a 15% Chance To Use a Magic Blast That Turns The Opponent Into a Goomba for 15 Seconds

Up B - Paraplonk's Uppercut

Paraplonk Does an Upward Dive, Making Him an Active Hurtbox

Down B - Team Healing

One Member Heals The Team, 10 Second Cooldown

Final Smash - Super Team Up Attack!

Goombas Fill The Screen While Paraplonk's Shell Rolls Around, All The While Sergeant Guy Charges a Cannon Laser. Deals Massive Damage


1: "No Way!"

2: "Ah!"

Star: "WAAAAAA-"

Screen: "Oof!"


Up: Sergeant Makes A Muffled Noise

Sd: Paraplonk Does a Backflip

Dn: Goomp Winks, Making a Small Star

Victory Options

1: "We'll Get That Promotion For Sure!"

2: "I Can't Believe That Actually Worked!"

3: "Hurray!"

4 (Against Bowser): "Can We Have That Promotin Now?"

5 (Against Mario or Luigi): "We Finally Beat The Plumber!"

6 (Against Princess Peach): "We Got The Princess!"

Lose Pose: The KO Stars are seen


(First Color is Goomp, Second is Sergeant, And Third is Paraplonk)

Red, Orange and Green: Bowser (R)

Red, Green and Pink: Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach (G)

Blue, Yellow and Purple: Toads (B)

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