Emergency Alert System is Emergency Broadcast System's older counterpart.


Same Header

By holding the A button, Emergency Alert System rapes the ears of those near him.

Presidential Alert

This attack is only able to be used when Emergency Alert System's Assist Trophy is a president. This attack is able to KO those who stand near him

Zombie Attack

His text says "Civil Authorities Issued an Emergency Action Notification" The scrolling text says Zombies are taking over!!! Hit the X button multiple times to do this.

Final Smash: Angry EAS

Based off of popular videos. This attack flips off all opponents.

Victory Pose/ Fail Clap

  1. End of Message
  2. Says "This concludes the Emergency Alert System Test"

3. Says "We now return to your regular programming."

Failure Clap: Stands and does nothing

Easter Eggs

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Who is that?!?

Palutena: Remember the Emergency Broadcast System?

Pit: Yes. Is this his brother?

Viridi: Quite so! Be careful now!

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