Universe Power Rangers
Debut Power Rangers Megaforce
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Attitude
Smash Bros. Lawl Girl Vore
Smash Bros. Lawl Attitude 2
Friends Adult Abby
Miss Belly Vore Boob Lover (Because She and Emma like Big Belly Woman and Female Vore)
Enemies Vark
Lawl Team Team Attitude


Red Ranger Pirate Ship

Emma will come out of the Red Ranger Pirate and come in to the Battlefield

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Gun

She shoots the Opponents

Side B - Sword

She slash at the Opponents

Up B - Slashing up

Emma will use Two Sword and spins to fly up

Down B - Drinking Drinks

Emma will Drink any kind of Drinks to heal

Final Smash - Vore

She can eat the Opponent, then Swallow the Opponent, to KO the Opponent


KOSFX1: "Ouch"

KOSFX2: *Crys*


Screen KOSFX: "NO!"


Up: "Megaforce Pink"

Sd: "Super Megaforce Pink"

Dn: "I love you, Jacob"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: *Dance*

Victory 2: "Yes, Yes"

Victory 3: *Rubs her Big Stuffed Belly* -w-

Victory 4 (W/Jacob): *Kiss Jacob*

Victory 5 (Vs. Vrak, Creepox, Malkor): "Take that Monsters"

Victory 6 (Vs Troy): *Push Troy to Pig Shit*

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

Emma Goodall is totally in tune with nature, and always on the lookout to protect the environment. So when aliens start attacking her home planet, she takes it personally. She is very good friends with Gia. She enjoys BMX bike riding and photography in the Harwood Forest. She also seems to love singing.

Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose



Power Rangers Logo

Victory Music

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeVtl0jwq40 - Power Rangers MegaForce- Emma's Song Full

Classic Mode


Snake Codec

Snake: Otacon, who is this Girl

Otacon: That is Emma, she a Power Ranger

Snake: Don't you mean she's the Pink Megaforce Ranger

Otacon: Why do you say that

Snake: Because, i was the Blue Ranger

Otacon: Ok?

Snake: Now, let go to Power Con

Otacon: Oh Snake

Jameson Codec

Jameson: Ok, Parker, i need you find a way to see who's this Pink Megaforce

Peter: I think this Photo can help you

  • A Picture of Emma is shown*

Jameson: Parker!, i told you, to give me a Photo of the Pink Megaforce Ranger, Unmasked

Peter: Ok, fine

  • A Picture of Emma in a Bikini*

Jameson: Parker, are you kidding me, thats it, You're Fired

Peter: No... please.. please don't say that

Jameson: Out the front door, Goodbye!



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