Error Sans is a 
Fighter in Lawl Orbit



Anti Void Portal

Error Sans Comes Through a Portal from the Anti Void


Neutral B - Broken Bones

Error Sans Sends a Glitchy Bone in Front of Himself, Dealing Low Flinching Damage

Side B - Glitched Gaster Blaster

Error Sans Fires a Glitchy Gaster Blaster, Dealing High Damage at The Expense of High End Lag.

Up B - Some Strings Attached

Works as a Tether Grab

Down B - Help From The Horrible

Error Sans is Given Aid By an AU Sans, One of 3 Options will Apear

Classic Sans

Classic Sans Uses Error Sans' Side B

Underswap Sans

Underswap Sans Fires a Few Bones

Underfell Sans

Underfell Sans Fires Three Gaster Blasters

Final Smash - Breaking The SOUL

Error Sans Fires a String Forward, Anyone Hit Gets Their Soul Destroyed, Making Them Take 5 Times More Damage Then Normal For 15 Seconds


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