False versions of The King's statue, Nostalgia Critic, and Irate Gamer.

The false characters are minibosses in Super Smash Bros. Lawl's Subspace Emissary. All of them are clones of the playable characters made from shadow bugs, having purple tint and glowing yellow eyes.

Notable False Characters

False King Statue


"Mah Boi"

The False King Statue is a possessed version of the statue of King Harkinian, which is fought at Hyrule.

When the real King Harkinian and I.M. Meen wiped out the invading Subspace Army forces, the shadow bugs that created the troops retreat and possess The King's statue, making it become alive. The King and I.M. Meen laugh at the invaders' defeat until they see the possessed statue, shocked.

The False King Statue is larger than the real King Harkinian, with its attacks doing more damage, but otherwise looks the same, minus the rocky structure. After defeat, the shadow bugs vaporize, and the statue's head crumbles off. It's the only false character to not have a purple tint.

False Nostalgia Critic


"Hello, I'm the Evil Nostalgia Critic!"

A shadow bug copy of the Nostalgia Critic, fought at Bicycle Tracks.

The clone was created by the Irate Gamer, who trophied the real Critic. He shoots a butterfly Tommy Wiseau is chasing after, getting his attention. Madotsuki appears and finds Tommy and the Critic clone, noticing that Tommy is about destroy the copy. Unfortunately, Madotsuki mistakes the clone for the real Nostalgia Critic, forcing Tommy Wiseau to fight both Madotsuki and the false Nostalgia Critic alone.

When the false Nostalgia Critic is defeated, like in SSBB Subspace Emissary, the trophy simply degrades back into Shadow Bugs. Madotsuki is saddened by this, and Tommy Wiseau utters another Wiseauism.

False Irate Gamer

A shadow bug copy of the Irate Gamer, also fought at Bicycle Tracks.

"Uh, yeah, YA THINK?"

After he trophies the Nostalgia Critic, he lures Madotsuki and Tommy Wiseau into a trap and turn them into trophies. He later pops out of a bush to fight the three heroes. Nostalgia Critic taunts the Irate Gamer clone by laughing maniacally... until the clone gains more shadow bugs, tripling its size. Like the false King statue, the giant Irate Gamer clone has stronger attacks than the real IG.

A cheap method of beating the Irate Gamer clone is by spamming Madotsuki's up tilt on it until the clone's damage meter reaches at least 200%, opening up its chances of being KO'd.


False Cpend7

A shadow Bug Copy of Cpend7, Fought at Big Forest.

The Real Cpend7 is Been Shot by Irate Gamer.

He's Attacks is like the same of Cpend7's Attack and So powerful (Better than False Irate Gamer)

False Amy Rose

A shadow Bug Copy of Amy Rose, Fought at the Forest and Halberd(Aka Sin from Final Fantasy X)

The False Amy was made by the Trophy of Amy Rose after She was hit by a Dark Cannon(That was Shot by Orge)

She Attack is like Amy Rose but have Stocking Sword instead of Her Hammer for More Damage

False Pinkie Pie

A shadow Bug Copy of Pinkie Pie, Fought at Halberd(Aka Sin from Final Fantasy X)

The False Pinkie Pie is Partner of False Amy Rose. She was made by the Trophy of Pinkie Pie who was Shot by Armor King at the Stadium.

She Attack like Pinkie Pie but Her Cupcake Move dosn't Heal Anyone, Only give them Damage.

False Tiny

A shadow Bug Copy of Tiny, Fought at Jungle

The False Tiny was made to Fool Leela and Bender. Only to have Leela get turned into a Trophy.

He Attack like Tiny but Is a bit Harder

False Bender

A shadow Bug Copy of Bender, Fought at Lake

The False Bender was made by the Trophy of Bender to Fight Bender, Pucca, and Ching

He Attack like Bender but He is a Giant, Meaning His Damage Increased.

Super Lawl

The False King Statue, False Nostalgia Critic & False Irate Gamer returns along with Darkness Clones & Other False Characters.

False John

A shadow bug copy of John, Fought in John's House, The Final Weapon & Weil's Station Stage 1.

The False John was created by the Throphy of him to fight Cosmo, Nakoruru, Blanka,Dan ,Sakura & Van Helsing.

His attack very much like him but have False Ugo instead of Kay for more damage.

False Cosmo

A shadow bug copy of Cosmo, Fought in The Garden of Even & Weil's Station Stage 3.

The False Cosmo was made by fake thropies of Cosmo & Fluttershy, to fight Cosmo herself.

She Attacks like Cosmo but the Fruit Throw damages you instead of healing.

False Smithy

A shadow bug copy of Smithy. Fought in Smithy's Lab & The Final Level.

The False Smithy was made by Smithy's orb cannon to create a fake thropy of himself to fight John only.

He attacks like Smithy but his Hammer is a little bit stronger & he can make 4 minions instead of 2.

False Steven_Star

A shadow bug copy of Steven_Star. Fought in TV's World & Weil's Station Stage 2.

The False Steven was made after the real Steven was shot & turned into a thropy by Dark Steven at TV's World.

In Weil's Station Stage 2, False Steven returns with False Fluttershy to challenge Steven, Fluttershy, Lance,Pullurm & Finn & Jake.

He attacks like Steven but the Monobot was replaced with The Monojet in TV's World & The Broken Card can summon the Metools, Shadow Hearts & False Dark Skylanders.

False Mama Waluigi

He is the false version of Mama Lu...... Waluigi!


Bumblefoot - Firebrand (MXC Theme)

Bumblefoot - Firebrand (MXC Theme)

False Amy Rose/False Pinkie Pie Theme

Rockslide Tikimon Twins - Triple Remix

Rockslide Tikimon Twins - Triple Remix

False Tiny Theme

Evil N

Evil N. Gin Twins - Twinsanity CB3 Remix

False Bender Theme

Tekken 2 OST Arcade ~ Kazuya Mishima Devil Kazuya

Tekken 2 OST Arcade ~ Kazuya Mishima Devil Kazuya

False Amy Rose and False Pinkie Pie Theme

Mike Teavee

Mike Teavee

False Cpend7 and False Irate Game Theme

Polygon Characters

When Fighting Polygon Man in Classic Mode, You'll start off Fighting 1 Polygon Fighter before you can attack him. Then you'll face 2 more. After that You'll face the Same 3 Polygon Fighters.

Note: It only Characters from Lawl Ultimate. Including Others Characters

  • Cpend7
  • Frollo
  • Gaston
  • Konata
  • Bill Nye
  • Cosmo
  • I.M.Meen

The Invaded Core and Lost Friend

The Invaded Core are clones of the playable characters in Elite, created by Loc-Nar to serve as his army. They appear in Arcade Mode as part of the boss battle against Loc-Nar and In Story Mode as Enemies, and are perfect duplicates of their templates, able to use all of the original characters' attacks, special, throws, and even taunts. They appear as gary-like versions of their templates, with glowing greens eyes.

Lost Friend is a disspressed character who is a shadow-like character who doesn't fight. Lost Friend mostly appear as Evil Steven_Star minion, The reason why Lost Friend is important is because if lose your lifes when fighting Lor-Nar in Arcade Mode, your character is transformed into a Lost Friend, most likely meaning that the Lost Friend are the past characters, even your rival you fight and was defeat. Thankful, if your defeat, the past characters go back to normal, with the character having Lor-Nar's Power.

Blue Creatures

The Blue creatures were created by Blue father.


When Fighting ??? in Classic Mode, You'll start off Fighting 1 Blue Fighter before you can attack him/her. Then you'll face 2 more. After that You'll face the Same 3 Blue Fighters.