Fanboy & Chum Chum
"We don't care if you stare, or even look at our underwear!"
"We don't care if you stare, or even look at our underwear!"
Universe Nickelodeon
Debut Random! Cartoons
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Ed (Good Burger)
Patrick Star
Sandvich33 (it's his guilty pleasure)
Michael Jackson (background character based off of him)
Tommy Wiseau
PowerPuff Girls Z (fellow guilty pleasure of Sandvich33)
Sway Sway and Buhdeuce (bros in Team SV33 X Team Prower)
Joey Tedesco
Enemies mostly everyone who hates the show
The Problem Solverz (their moveset distributor thinks of that as inferior to this show)
I.M. Meen (for all the obvious reasons)
Worst Hercules
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Pig-Out Bar (Fanboy)

Fanboy is seen tiny at first, but then a biting sound is heard as he grows to normal size on the battlefield.

Parachute (Chum Chum)

Chum Chum descends with a parachute to the battlefield.

Special Attacks


Neutral B - Boog Zapper

Fanboy makes use of his electric powers. This is at first a bit of a dud, but as you shift around on the ground, you build up power. The more power you have, the stronger this attack is (like most other build-up attacks). At minimal strength, Fanboy gets an idea, then shocks himself, making him deadly to the touch. If no one touches him, he takes damage and smells like chicken. At much higher strength, you can hold down B and have Fanboy shoot a Hadouken, which is like Ryu's except it stuns instead of doing knockback. Finally, at a full charge, Fanboy shoots a string of lightning that can be controlled like a PK Thunder, only it slips by opponents in the process (which lessens the damage done to the next guy on the chopping block). You can press B to stop controlling it, but it'll chase Fanboy around until he gets electrocuted by it. Luckily, you can let others take your place. Use a full charge when you grab someone and Fanboy shakes him/her up, causing him/her to be sent flying a good distance. Oh, and any electric attacks done to Fanboy speed up the charging process.

Side B - Frosty Freezy Freeze

Fanboy gets out his favorite cold slushy. You are allowed as much movement as Gaston with his eggs out (except you can do single jumps) while carrying the FFF. Hold B, and Fanboy sips it, healing damage, but also likely freezing his brain, which can either A. freeze him altogether, or B. reverse movement controls. As you sip, you can hold A and B to get into an aiming position with Fanboy's cheeks full of the drink. Release B, and Fanboy shoots a stream of the stuff, healing teammates for half as much while carrying over the side-effects, but working like Henry's water gun for opponents. Move up and release B, and Fanboy dispenses a fountain of the stuff, which can lead to there being slip traps in the process. Plus, this is where the stuff actually hurts. Release A, and Fanboy swallows the drink. As an alternative of having the drink out, you can press A to throw it, where it can become a slip trap or a consumable if it hits the ground. Also, the amount of fluid it has carries over after you put it away with R. If it's empty, you are to wait 30 seconds to get one of your unlimited free refills.

Up B - Some Sort of Bird Plane

Fanboy boards his Bird Plane. You can fly believably if you jump upon using this move on the ground. Fanboy gets 6 flaps that are high as Jigglypuff's puffed jumps. Thanks to the propeller on his helmet, he can glide down safely after each flap. Press B and Fanboy arms the itching powder. Press B again, and Fanboy deploys it. If you successfully use it, the opponent that suffers is stunned with itches for 10 seconds. However, if Fanboy's hit while the powder's armed, he drops the wings and scratches himself, leaving him suspended in the air until you hit him again. At times there will be flocks of seagulls as an air strike, either harming Fanboy or the nearest opponent like flying mustaches. Trust me, if these hit Fanboy, you really won't want to arm the powder. You can press A to cancel this.

Down B - Now, Chum Chum!

Fanboy swaps over to Chum Chum.

Chum Chum

Neutral B - Shenanigans!

Chum Chum releases a bunch of clones. The clones then carry the nearest opponent around for 20 seconds. Press B again, and Chum Chum gets into this aiming position where you now move a reticle around via analog stick. Press B again, and you'll shoot pancakes. They do basic harm to those that aren't surfing the ground on a bunch of clones that have the Green Biker Dude's movement pattern. However, they can cause opponents to slow down from their syrup. Alternatively, one can hit a surface and be used like Toon Mario's hot record. The pancakes do the most damage to the opponent being carried around, especially in headshots. Teammates are obviously healed by the flapjacks you shoot, but this move can hurt you if you're not careful. You have 12 pancakes to shoot, and you can't really gain any extra ammo from this. You can press A to get out of the aiming position. If the opponent's at 200% damage or more, he/she can be thrown off the edge. The clones mostly come out on thick, solid terrain. Also, you have to wait 2 minutes to use this move again.

Side B - Frosty Freezy Freeze

Chum Chum gets out his favorite cold slushy, only he has the pink flavor. He has the same amount of movement as Fanboy does when he holds one along with the same control scheme when you drink and spew some of it at the opponent (minus the head fountain since Flappy does that for Fanboy), only if you move down while holding it, you'll create an ice monster. With standalone pink, you summon Berry, who does this dash that hits opponents in the way without making them flinch. He also freezes his opponents with his ice breath. Press A when near him, and he's tickled, causing him to laugh out ice cubes. For Chum Chum, these work as throwing items, but alone, they are a slip trap upon hitting the ground. Speaking of slip traps, if you throw your FFF while it's full at a puddle of blue flavor, it creates a bigger ice monster that is mostly stationary on the ground, but punches anyone nearby as well as use its ice breath. The ice monster can be easily defeated after taking 200% damage or being hit by fire.

Up B - Speed of Light

Chum Chum gets into a stance like he's about to run a race. If he's hit during this, it counts as a miss on the opponent's part. Press B, and Chum Chum counters the opponent in the process. You are able to move the analog stick in a direction, which allows Chum Chum to dash off so fast that he winds up in another spot, which is also useful for getting out of tight spots. The distance covered depends on the analog movement. A tilt is the equivalent of 2 Stage Builder blocks of land covered. A tap is the equivalent of 4 Stage Builder blocks of land covered. Chum Chum's also able to hit someone as he reappears. On land, Chum Chum is expected to always appear near the edge of the stage when above it. If he's below, he winds up hanging onto the edge.

Down B - Buddy Up

Chum Chum swaps over to Fanboy.

Final Smash - Super Punch

Fanboy stretches his underwear out and Chum Chum hops in as their eyes glow white, resulting in their powers combining. After that, they fly up and out of the stage only to then be at the screen. You now take aim of the costumed wizard ninjas like you would with the Dragoon. Just move the reticle onto an opponent, then press B to launch a Super Punch, resulting in a good old-fashioned OHKO. If they miss, they take damage instead.



KOSFX1: "Not okay!"

KOSFX2: "Doomed, I say!"

Star KOSFX:*10-cent scream*

Screen KOSFX: "Ow!"

Chum Chum

KOSFX1: "Oh, boy!"

KOSFX2: "I'm weak!"


Scren KOSFX: "Ooh!"



Up: *both laugh*

Sd: "Well, chimpin' ain't easy."

Dn: "Am I blowing your mind?"

Chum Chum

Up: *both laugh*

Sd: "Well, I am irresistible."

Dn: "Yay!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *both do an epic high-five*

2. *both laugh*

3. *both fly to the clouds, braids linked together*

Failure/Clap: Sitting around doing nothing

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps


Victory Theme

Fanboy & Chum Chum Theme Song


Galaxy Hills - Frosty Mart


Frosty Freezy Freeze



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