Fawful is a Trio Character Consisting of Fawful Dark Star Core and Dark Bowser


Lights Camera Action!

A Disco Light Appears Showing a Shadow. Fawful Appears Upon The Light Disappearing

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Blaster

A Chargeable Laser Blast.

Uncharged: Fawful Fires a Laser

Half Way Charged: Dark Star Core Fires A Laser

Fully Charged: Dark Bowser Fires a Laser

Side B - Vacuum Shroom

Fawful Throws a Vacuum Shroom In Front Of Him

Up B - Flying Machine

Fawful Flies Up And Shoots a Laser at Anyone Who Gets to close

Down B - Brainwash

Fawful Brainwashes Anything in front of Him. Anything Hit Attacks Opponents without input for 15 Seconds

Final Smash - Fawful's Grand Finale

Fawful Summons a Dark Hurricane and Turns into Dark Bowser. Dark Bowser Has The Same Moveset as Bowser But does More Damage. Lasts 20 Seconds.


KOSFX 1: "What?!"

KOSFX 2: "Gyah!"


Screen KO: "AH!"


Up: Fawful Laughs

Side: "I have Fury!"

Down: Fawful Flips a Bean an Catches it

Victory Options

1: Fawful Does A Dance

2: Fawful Holds Up The Dark Star Core

3: Fawful Shoots The Screen and Laughs

Failure Pose

A White Flag Sticks out of Rubble

Standard Attacks

Jab: Dark Bowser Punches In Front of Fawful

Tilts: Dark Star Core Fires a Laser. Combo Starters.

Smash Attacks: All Three Attack in Unison

Aerials: All Combo Moves. Fawful Makes Flashy Poses To Hit Opponents Around.

Codec Call/Palutena's Guidance

Codec Call

Snake: Hmm...

Otacon: What is It Snake?

Snake: Is This Guy Trying To Kill Me or Be Flashy?

Otacon: That's Fawful. He Seems Harmless But a Real Threat With His Combos.

Snake: So Stay Away.

Otacon: Exactly. Keep Him On the Ground too.

.Snake: Got it.

*End of Call*

Palutena's Guidance

Viridi: I Don't Like What a Freak Of Nature This guy is... He's a Walking bean!

Fawful: You Mean A Walking Bean That Has The Fury!

Pit: So What's He Do?

Palutena: Make Combos... And Look Flashy As Well.

Fawful: Exactly!

Pit: You Talk A lot.

Fawful: Says You!

Pit: Hey!

*End of Guidance*

Extra Stuff

Alternate Costumes

Red and Blue: Mario

Green and Purple: Cackletta

White and Blue: Mallow and Geno

Green and Blue: Luigi

Victory Theme

Battle Victory


Toad Town Sewers


Minimizer: Shrinks Opponent


Fawful is There/It's Fawful!


  • This is The Third Lawl Orbit Character
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