Flower SSBL Profile
Universe JacknJellify
Debut Battle for Dream Island
Appears in Smash Brothers Superior

Super Smash Bros GoAnimate

Friends Blocky
Rainbow Dash
Princess Luna
Lydia Prower(the first BFDI character she ever knew)
Enemies Everyone else (Especially Cosmo, Stocking, Amy Rose and Steven Star)
Lawl Team Team Superior

Moveset (normal)(Superior)

Neutral B: Sledgehammer

Side B: TBA


Down B:TBA

Final Smash: Announcer Crusher

Moveset (joke)(Anyone else can make it)

Neutral B: TBA

Side B: TBA


Down B:TBA

Final Smash: TBA

Character Description

Flower is a female contestant and the main antagonist on Battle for Dream Island. She was on the Squashy Grapes and was the first person to be eliminated because she had the most votes at the first Cake at Stake, with 4 votes. She was also the last person to be eliminated before the finale with 524 votes in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2, the most votes to date. She is one of the three characters (along with Spongy and Blocky) who were the first to be eliminated, rejoin the game, and be re-eliminated. She is generally disliked by all the contestants (excluding one ) as her temper is that of a dynamite stick. Flower tends to express anger even against the host, and feels that nothing should stop her in her path to win the competition.


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