Flying Spaghetti Monster
Flying Spaghetti Monster.jpg
Universe The FSM Church

The FSM Bible

Debut Unknown
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl Starstruck
Friends God

Toon Luigi
Everyone Else

Enemies Unknown
Lawl Team Smash Bros Lawl Starstruck

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the final boss/challanger from Smash Bros Lawl Starstruck Classic Mode. He is sort of like the replacement of Chuck Norris for Starstruck

The tactic to fight him is that he will perform a random string of 3 moves before he rests. The player will be able to attack him there. They can also attack while he is attacking, but this does come with the risk of taking damage.

HP Values Very Easy Easy Normal Hard Very Hard WHAT DA FUK IS THIS SHIT!?
Classic Mode 301  401 501 601 701 801
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