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Freddie Mercury
Universe Real Life
Debut Queen (Band)
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Smash Bros. Lawl EX
Friends Bubbyaustin
Ishamie Tarker
Multi HMX-12
Miku Hatsune
Rosalina (see Kevin Bolk's 'It Sucks to Be Weegie!' comics to see why)
Alex Goot
Enemies Frank Sinatra (in Epic Rap Battles of History)
BND Mask of Guo Xiang
Gary Bettman
Emergency Alert System
One Direction
Justin Bieber
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy
Team EX


White Box

A white box bursts open, revealing Freddie like in the music video for I Want to Break Free.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Vocal Warmups

Freddie warms up his singing. Seeing as how he has a powerful voice, sound waves are shot from his lips. It's similar to Stinkmeaner's Nigga Moment, except there's more than 2 sound waves shot at a time. They also manage to turn charging opponents around and slow down projectiles. The more sound waves that pass through the projectile, the slower it gets. When it reaches a speed of 0, it's then shot back.

Side B - Vacuum Cleaner

Freddie gets out a vacuum cleaner and sucks up opponents. You can move the vacuum cleaner up and down with the analog stick. This allows Freddie to suck up a projectile in any certain direction it's shot in. When a projectile's inside the vacuum cleaner, you can aim it and press B to set it to blow, making it blow away the competition and shoot projectiles sucked up. When the vac's on land, it can suck up land traps. Press A to put up the vacuum cleaner.

Up B - Good Time

Freddie goes up with any specifically described ascending object mentioned in the song Havin' A Good Time. Each of them can do something different:

Tiger, Defying the Law of Gravity

The tiger will keep floating up upon releasing it. Anyone who hits it makes it go in a different direction. It can be used as a platform, but it slowly drops for opponents. If anyone gets in front of the tiger, it space pounces at the opponent, clawing him/her to bits for 9 seconds.

Racing Car Passing By

The car will manage to fall after releasing it and either drive forward really fast or combust when it hits the ground. Anyone directly under the car will be plowed into the ground.

Rocket Ship on the Way to Mars

Upon release, the rocket will become a controllable projectile like the PK Thunder. If it hits Freddie, he charges in the direction he was hit by the rocket in without damage.

Down B - A Kind of Magic

Freddie gains magic powers and shoots out red, yellow, and blue sparkles like in the music video. They'll manage to transform items, heal teammates, burn, freeze, stun, tranquilize, poison, leech, and reverse attack animations. Upon charging up the attack, you can shoot one of each color. Whether or not it's at a full charge, you can aim the projectiles in any direction. If you shoot all 3 colors in one direction, they form a bigger projectile.

Final Smash - We Will Rock You

The rest of Queen appears and then the song starts. Anyone near them while they clap will be stunned. When Freddie sings one of the verses aside from the chorus, it causes the opponent to get stuck in place. At the end of those verses, the opponent is knocked away. During the chorus, avalanches occur upon Queen saying "Rock you!" Near the end of the song, the final guitar riff blows everyone away, thus causing instant KOs.


KOSFX1: "Please!"

KOSFX2: "Oh, am I old!"


Screen KOSFX: "Ride!"


Up: "I'm going slightly mad."

Sd: "Can't do this to me, baby!"

Dn: "Tie your mother down!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *Walks away with his fist in the air*

2. *Rides off on his bike*

3. *Sings the victory theme*

Failure/Clap: *Strapped back in his Straight Jacket*

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode


Role in SSE