Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger
"Welcome to my nightmare."
"Welcome to my nightmare."
Universe New Line Cinema
Debut A Nightmare on Elm Street
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Tails Doll
Nightmare Amy Rose
Nightmare Moon
Nightmare CJ
Nightmare Bubbyaustin
Nightmare Medic
Nightmare Panty
Spy Krueger (best friend)
The Super Baxter
Bill Cipher
Angry Joe (he's a fan of Freddy)
The Candyman

The Darkness

Enemies Amy Rose
Jason Voorhees
Ishamie Tarker
Multi HMX-12
Pumpkin Head
Freddy Fazbear

Darth Vader


Chuck Norris

William Afton

Lawl Team Team Galaxy


A New Nightmare

A dream cloud appears and Freddy claws it out of his way as he enters the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Let's Get High

Freddy stabs a glove full of needles into the opponent's chest, injecting him/her with heroin. This causes the opponent to become far more drowsy and weak, which allows Freddy to spill more of that opponent's blood. How much heroin is injected by the Springwood Slasher depends on how long the button was held down for so that he's able to do more damage to the weakened opponent. The effects of this drug last you 15 seconds. If Freddy has already used this move, but not all of the heroin, another opponent gets to endure a blood-borne disease, leaving him/her with a poison effect until he/she hits 300% (if that's already gone over with, it lasts for the rest of the current stock). The heroin is able to be refilled on its own, and the needle-sharing bit is only able to be done until the first person that got shot up is KO'd.

Side B - Kill For Me

Freddy sets down a second clawed glove as a trap. If anyone gets near it, Freddy tells them sayonara, then the glove lashes out and stabs the unlucky fucker in the chest, resulting in instantly keeling over. As an alternative, Freddy's able to possess the other glove and shoot it in a chosen direction. The possession is indicated by a red glow, and the direction is obviosuly determined by the analog stick. With this method, Freddy can use the glove to grab items from afar as well as grab and throw projectiles, also in a determined direction. Press A to have the glove come back to Freddy.

Up B - Welcome to Primetime

A television is set up where Freddy is standing. The television works in both ways. It can be thrown around as an item with the shards of screen acting as a spike trap while the inside of the TV stuns the opponent it's hit. Only Freddy gets to toss the television around, however, and there can be only one boob tube at a time. The other way it works is as any trap-related recovery where Freddy vanishes and becomes the television. In this state, Freddy can grab an opponent, welcome that bitch to primetime, and shove him/her inside the screen on the dot, doing stun and slash damage in the process. Otherwise, you can press B again to resume normal form, removing the television.

Down B - Playing with Power

Freddy tells the competition that they forgot the Power Glove, then you control the opponent in front of you for 45 seconds, although the opponent is only able to move like the Drinking Formation as well as do standard attacks besides throws. Press B and you'll summon Spencer's dad, who will bash the controlled opponent while telling him/her to be like him. Move down and press B, and you can power up the opponent with an apple, allowing him/her to shoot players like the Heat Crystal. If you're bored, you can just make the opponent fall off the edge of the stage. Others can stop Freddy's fun time by simply hitting him.

Final Smash - Welcome to My Nightmare

Everything in the screen begins to warp as the competition falls into a deep slumber with everything going dark and Freddy standing there. At this point, everything's pitch black besides the opponents, and the gloved hand of Freddy lurks out connected to a bunch of red balls. Move the hand with the analog stick, and tap in a direction to slash with the hand, cutting opponents deep. Anyone over 100% is slashed to pieces, clearly resulting in an instant KO. Press A, and Freddy shoots sparks from his hand, which can go through opponents. Press B, and an incinerator comes up and the door opens, sucking up opponents like a vacuum and burning them alive, which is also insta-KO. At the end of it, Worm Freddy comes out and KO's anyone on the same plane he's on. You can wake up early by finding a radio that appears on random intervals, and there are javelins you can throw if you find a dream token.


KOSFX1: *groans*

KOSFX2: "Woah!"

Star KOSFX: *screams in pain*

Screen KOSFX: "Oof!"


Up: "1, 2, Freddy's coming for you..."

Sd: *offers his glove* "Try it on for size."

Dn: "The souls...of the children...give me strength."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *peels off his face and laughs at the opposition*

2. *sees the blood on his glove, then splatters it across the screen*

3. "You are all my children now."

Failure/Clap: Freddy's Dead

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Daily Buglin'


Red Leo Media


Character Description


Classic Mode






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