G3 Pinkie Pie
Did 'ya look under your bed?
Universe Hasbro
Debut My Little Pony (G3)
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl Toon
Friends G3 Rainbow Dash




Spongebob Squarepants

Patrick Star




Twilight Sparkle

Pinkie Pie

Rainbow Dash







Enemies Freddy Fazbear



Foxy the Pirate Fox

Whimsey Weatherbe

Blythe Baxter


King Sombra



The Darkness

Lawl Team Team Toon

On Screen Appearence

Hot air Balloon

Pinkie appears on a Hot air balloon, hops out and lands on the battlefield


Neutral B: Burnt Cookie

Pinkie will throw a burnt cookie that will burn Opponents or crumble on them. Preform the move in air and she will get out a tray of them and dump them

Side B: Starcatcher Ride

Pinkie will summon Starcatcher and ride her. It only gives opponents knockback but can knock traps off

Up B: A bunch of Balloons

Pinkie will fly upward with some balloons any opponent over her will get caught in the balloons. press B to let go

Down B: Pretty Pink Bow

Pinkie will get out a pink bow and paralyze opponents with it. Do it when and opponent is in air and it will be a meteor smash

FINAL SMASH: Possitivly Pink

Pinkie will paint the WHOLE stage Pink. any opponent covered in pink paint will be stunned. If Pinkie hits one its an instant K.O.

K.O. sounds

K.O.1: UGH


Star K.O.: *Screams*

Screen K.O.: oof


Up: *Singing* Make a new friend every day

Side: *Giggles*

Down: Did ya look under your bed?

Victory Poses

Option 1: *Walks forward and dances*

Option 2: Looks at Frosting on her arm and says "Yup. Definitaly Puzzling"

Option 3: Did ya win? No? Did ya look under your bed?

Option 4 (Only against Pinkie Pie): Is that me?

Option 5 (Only Against Minty) Minty, Minty, Minty

Lose: *Stares with a puzzled look*

Other Attacks

AAA: Punch, Punch, Kick

Dash Attack: Bumps into the opponent


Side Tilt: Buck

Up Tilt: Stands up

Down Tilt: Sweep Kick 


Side Smash: Shouts "1000 Years?"

Up Smash: Excited Jump

Down Smash: Spin

Grabs and Throws 

Grab: Grab with one hoof 

Pummel: Hit with Head 

Forward Throw: Throws Forward 

Back Throw: Bucks Opponent 

Up Throw: Throws up and Punches Upward with both hooves 

Down Throw: Rolling Pin 


Neutral Air: Spins with arms and legs extended

Forward Air: Kicks Forward

Back Air: Air Buck

Up Air: Headbutt upward

Down Air: Drill Legs

Other Attacks

Ledge Attack: Punch

100% Ledge Attack: Hoof slap

Get up Attack: Punches both sides

Trip Attack: Tail Spin


The MLP G3 Hearts                         

MLP G3 Logo

MLP G3 Logo


Victory Music

MLP G3 Theme

Wii remote SFX


Kirby Hat

Pinkie's Mane


G3 Pinkie Pie Trophy

G3 Pinkie Pie Trophy

Snake Codec

Snake: Is that who I think it is?

Colonel: Yes Snake thats Pinkie Pie

Snake: Dos'nt look like the one Otacon likes

  • Otacon takes Colonel's place*

Otacon: Actually it's G3 Pinkie Pie

Snake: G3?

Otacon: Yes G3...The 3rd generation of My Little Pony made in 2003. 

Snake: You know seeing G3 Pinkie Pie reminds me...we should do that meme we looked at

Otacon: OOOH yeah. that thing. good idea OK ready GO

Snake: Got your special dancing shoes on?

Otacon: No? Did ya look under your bed?

Daily Buglin'

JJ Jameson: Alright Parker I sent you to Hasbro studios to track down Pinkie Pie's missing shoes

Peter Parker : Oh these shoes?

  • Shows picture of Pink Shoes*

JJ Jameson: PARKER! I meant the OTHER Pinkie Pie shoes

Peter Parker: Oh I know where to look

  • Shows Picture of under a bed*

JJ Jameson: What?! No Shoes?! Your PINKED

Peter Parker: Wha?- *Gets Splashed by Pink Paint*

Role in SSE

G3 Pinkie Pie runs up a tall hill then her name shows up

Colors and Costumes

Pink (Default/Red Team)

Green (Green Team/Minty)

Blue (Blue Team)



G4 Pinkie Pie

Spider Man Pinkie Pie

Moveset Photos

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