G3 Rainbow Dash
Universe Hasbro
Debut My Little Pony (G3)
Appears in Smash Bros Law Toon
Friends G3 Pinkie Pie


Twilight Sparkle


Pinkie Pie

Rainbow Dash




Winnie the Pooh

Harry Potter


Enemies Freddy Fazbear



Foxy the Pirate Fox


King Sombra

Whimsey Weatherbe

Blythe Baxter

The Darkness

The Stepford Wives

Lawl Team Team Toon

On Screen Appearence  

Rainbow Cloud

Rainbow Dash flies on a cloud, gets off and enters the battle


Neutral B: Darling

Rainbow Dash will say "Darling" and this will make your opponents fall asleep or get dizzy. You can hold the B button down so she can say it as long as she wants

Side B: Bouncy Ball

She gets on a bouncy ball and runs into opponents. She turns around instantly when she bounces near a ledge or end of stage

Up B: Rainbow Coaster

She gets on a flying Rainbow and flys around the stage and can hurt opponents. You can change the direction

Down B: Totally Fabulous Scarf

She gets her scarf and ties opponents with it. Unlike G3 Pinkie Pie's Pretty Pink Bow the opponent can break free

FINAL SMASH: Rainbow Celebration

Rainbow Dash gets inside her stable and says "I love this time of year when it's all about celebrating rainbows" then a giant rainbow comes out of the ground and covers the screen instantly giving opponants a K.O.

K.O. Sounds

K.O.1: WOA

K.O.2: PINK!

StarK.O.: ooooooooooooooooooooh

ScreenK.O.: DAH


Up: "Rainbow Dash always dresses in style"


Down: Dashing

Victory Options

Victory1: Why thank you. Thank you, Darling. How Darling of you all

Victory2: If I was from Unicornia, I'd sure tell you right now!

Victory3: *Dances with Classic Rarity and Unicorn Cheerilee*

Victory4: (Only against Rarity) How did THAT feel DAHLING?!

Lose: Claps for the winner like a good girl

Other Attacks

AAA: Spinning with rainbows

Dash Attack: Head-butt


Side Tilt: Buck

Up Tilt: Punch up

Down Tilt: Leg sweep


Side Smash: Rain-blast

Up Smash: Flip-and-Whirl

Down Smash: Break-Dance


Neutral Air: Spin

Forward Air:

Back Air: Faint

Up Air:

Down Air: Drill Legs

Grabs and Throws

Grab: Ribbon

Pummel: Slap

Forward Throw: Butterfly net 

Back Throw: Throw away

Up Throw: Ballet Spin

Down Throw: Bouncy Ball smash

MLP G3 Hearts 

MLP G3 Logo

Victory Theme

MLP G3 Theme

Wii Remote SFX


Kirby Hat

Rainbow's Mane


G3 Rainbow Dash Trophy.jpg

Snake Codec

Snake: What's going on here? What happened to Rainbow Dash?

Mei Ling: Dosn't She look a bit familiar?

Snake: Yeah. but where are her wings?

Mei Ling: That is G3 Rainbow Dash. She may look like Rainbow Dash but she is different

Snake: What do you mean?

Mei Ling: She ALWAYS Dresses in style

  • Otacon takes place*

Otacon: And she loves celebrating rainbows dahlings

Snake: Otacon, You're Weird

Otacon: Ay Snake

Daily Buglin'


Role in SSE

She dos'nt get a role. she is a secret character that you battle (Like Jigglypuff, Toon Link, and Wolf)

Colors and Costumes

Default (Blue Team)

Red (Red Team)

Green (Green Team)

Black and White

White Hair 


G4 Rainbow Dash

Moveset Pictures

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