Game Genie
Game Genie


Irate Gamer

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl


Real City

Fought by

Nostalgia Critic

Game Genie is, as the name suggests, a genie summoned from a game cartridge. He appears from the Irate Gamer Show.

Role in SSE

He appeared as the second boss in Real City, where he was summoned by Irate Gamer to fight Nostalgia Critic. The only way to hurt him is to attack the game cartridge he was summoned from when his tail disappears while avoiding his walloping. Once he takes enough hits, the cartridge explodes and the Game Genie disappears.


His attack pattern is random. When he has his ghostly tail, he performs an attack by snapping his fingers. One attack involves creating explosions near the player. Another attack involves spawning a giant snake that dashes towards the opponent twice, then falls on him/her. When his ghostly tail disappears, the genie will try to wallop the player.

HP and damage taken

HP ValuesVery EasyEasyNormalHardVery HardIntense
Real City 155 188 212 250 275 297
NormalSlashElectricFreezingFireGrassWaterDarknessAuraSpecials: DirectSpecials: Indirect
Damage Taken ×1.7 ×0.8 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.1

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