Universe Nintendo
Debut Pokemon Red and Blue
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Pikachu
Master Hand
Enemies The Darkness
Freddy Krueger
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl



Morty sends Gengar out on the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Lawl Revolution

Neutral B - Metronome

Gengar performs 1 of 8 different attacks. They are as follows:

  • Aura Sphere - Gengar fires a blue ball of aura that follows the nearest opponent.
  • Spikes - Gengar deploys these as a trap that harms the opponent as he/she stands on them. If the spikes hit the opponent, his/her speed is halved.
  • Ember - Gengar shoots a fireball that shoots a pillar of fire upward upon hitting the ground.
  • Dive - Gengar dives into the ground and turns into a pool of water. To jump out, reinput this. Anyone around this will be launched away like in Diglett's Dig.
  • Discharge - Gengar creates a wave of electricity around him to harm opponents.
  • Poison Sting - Gengar fires a stinger from his mouth that poisons the opponent.
  • Rollout - Gengar turns into a boulder and rolls around the stage. Upon reinput, the boulder bursts apart in a fashion similar to Charizard's Rock Smash.
  • Draco Meteor - Gengar summons 3 meteors that crash into random spots.

Side B - Payback

Gengar does a counter method that works like a combination of Marth's Counter and Mr. Game & Watch's Oil Panic. Rather than actually countering, he "consumes" the attack and recieves no damage. Upon holding the input, Gengar fires a three-way spread shot that has the same damage, range, and fancy effects of the absorbed attacks. Gengar can consume up to 2 attacks.

Up B - Giant Mallet

Gengar gets out a mallet, teleports, and crushes the opponent with it. He then teleports back. It works like Kirby's Final Cutter since Gengar has 4 jumps and the ability to glide.

Down B - Torment.

Gengar torments the opponent. This causes special attacks to be unable to be used twice. Upon reinput of them, the opponent is left wide open with extra lag.

Final Smash - Destiny Bond

After a little animation, Gengar becomes 4x weaker to attacks. This is due to the fact that upon KO-ing Gengar, you'll KO yourself as well since Gengar is taking you along with. The KO-ing doesn't affect Gengar's stocks. To cancel it, just don't KO him for 20 seconds.

Super Lawl

Neutral B - Shadow Ball

Gengar's hands spark with blue electricity. It then puts its hands together, forms a black ball, and shoots it at the opponent. He can also do it in mid-air.

Side B - Shadow Punch

Gengar lean forward, then lunge toward the opponent, fist-first, in a leaping stride with purple eletrical effect. It has a 5% to poison the opponent.

Up B - Night Shade

Gengar hi-jumps, then fires a black or dark crimson beam, outlined in red, blue, or purple from its eyes or hands at the opponent. Sometimes, its eyes glow red.

Down B - Sucker Punch

Gengar dissapeares, then reappears and smashes the opponent with his hammer.

Final Smash - Dream Eater

Gengar first does Hypnosis which sleeps his opponent, then he procced to eat the opponent's dream, after 2 times, the opponent is sent flying.


KOSFX1: "Aah-gar!"

KOSFX2: *GB growl*

Star KOSFX: ...

Screen KOSFX: *GB growl*


Up: *GB growl*

Sd: *Shadow Ball's a Clefairy*

Dn: *shows off his tongue*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. Textbox: "The opponent's fainted. Gengar got 135 EXP!"

2. *sleeps as he dreams of victory*

3. Mega evolution

Failure/Clap: Angel Gengar

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description

Gengar is a dark purple, bipedal Pokémon with a roundish body. It has red eyes and a wide mouth. Multiple spikes cover its back, and it has large pointed ears. Its arms and legs are short with three digits both its hands and feet. It also has a stubby tail.

As Mega Gengar, a portion of its body sinks into the ground. The lower portions turn a more reddish purple, and a third eye appears on its forehead. This new unblinking eye is oval and yellow and allows it to see into other dimensions. The spikes on Mega Gengar's back are more numerous and pointed. Additionally, spikes appear on its hands and tail. Its ears are now considerably longer and project backward.

Gengar has the ability to hide perfectly in the shadow of any object, granting it exceptional stealth. However, Gengar's body acts as a heat sink; its presence cools the temperature of the surrounding area by nearly 10°F, because it absorbs the warmth. In addition, Gengar possesses the ability to fly through the air, as demonstrated in the anime. Gengar is very mischievous, and at times, malicious. It enjoys playing practical jokes and casting curses, such as pretending to be one's shadow, then behaving erratically. When the quarry notices, the Gengar takes delight in its victim's terror. However, Gengar has been known to be loyal to a Trainers that treats it well. Gengar lives in shadows of rooms, caves, and dark places where shadows form. It is especially fond of urban areas such as cities and back alleys, but only during the night.

Classic Mode


Snake Codec


Role In SSE







Super Smash Bros Lawl Revolution Character Moveset Gengar-0

Super Smash Bros Lawl Revolution Character Moveset Gengar-0

Shy Lawler sent out Gengar's moveset!

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