"My name is ♥♪!?"
Universe Nintendo
Debut Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Appears in Elite (Formely)
Super Lawl
Friends Toon Mario
Enemies Smithy
Lawl Team Team Elite (Formely)/Super Lawl

Special Moves

B- Geno Beam

Shoots a laser. Knockback, size and damage depends on amount of stars charged.

  • 1 Star charge shoots a small laser that does 8% damage.
  • 2 Star charge shoots a medium sized laser that does 15% damage.
  • 3 Star charge shoots a large sized laser that does 21% damage.

Side B- Geno Whirl

A flying disk that does small knock back and 5% damage. The further away a target it from Geno the stronger Geno whirl is, also if you hit b just as the attack strikes '9999' will appear over the opponents head!... too bad were not in a game where HP really matters!

Up B- Geno Boost

Geno will be elevated into the air surrounded by red arrows which can harm his opponents. When used, your attack and defence increase by 1.5. In air, Geno flies up and receives the same buffs. The buffs are removed when Geno gets hit with an attack or uses a special attack.

Down B- Geno Blast

A series of different color lights rains down stars around Geno and then small beams rise up, this works a lot like Pikachu's Thunder attack. This move stuns foes upon contact as does Krystal's Demon Sniper. Does 2% damage.

Final Smash- Geno Flash

Geno transform into a large cannon. From here Geno will get 3 chances to launch a powerful blast onto the stage. hold down b for power like with his Geno beam once there are 3 stars release to execute a ball of energy that expands quickly and sends anyone in the blast flying. Does 60% damage.


KO 1:

KO 2:

Star KO:

Screen KO:


Up Taunt:

Side Taunt: Salutes to the camera

Down Taunt:

Victory/Lose Pose

Victory 1:

Victory 2:

Victory 3:


Character Description

Geno is the name of a doll owned by a toad named Gaz. After the star road has been broken, preventing wishes from being granted, the star spirit "♥♪!?," possessed Gaz's doll in order to aid Mario in his quest, being sent by a "higher authority." Geno first debut in Super Mario RPG: Legend Of the Seven Stars, and has made smaller cameos in other games.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks


  • Starts with Geno attacking with his cape in front of him(2%), then spins his leg over him(3%), and finally a kick with a bit more range.(3%) This Jab has notably good range on the first hit while still starting up in just 4 frames.

Dash Attack

  • Geno swings his feet over himself and kicks whoever is in front of him. Can combo into some moves, such as Up Aerial. 8%.

Side Tilt

  • Geno sends a rocket fist that returns back after a short distance. If timed right, you can press the attack button when Geno's fist return to do a overhead swing with one of Geno's arms.

Up Tilt

  • Geno backflips, and kicks anything nearby thats above him. 9%. This move is quick and makes a good anti-air attack. It has medium knockback with enough power to KO at high percentages.

Down Tilt

  • Geno kneels and sends a small upward beam in front of him. Deals up to 11%. Makes a good spacing move due to the disjointed hitbox.


Side Smash

  • Geno first pulls his fist back, then when smash is let go, he punches for decent knockback. If timed right, you can press the attack button when Geno's fist is out to shoot out a rocket fist that eventually explodes. This move is notorious for being "cheap," and being one of the only moves used by Geno mains. The rocket fist deals 13%, and the punch deals 15%.

Up Smash

  • Geno seems to shoot close range bullets, and the final hit of the smash explodes. The disjointed hitboxes make this a terrific anti-air. Deals 14% total.

Down Smash

  • Sends electricity through Geno's cape that hits enemies around him. If timed right, you can press the attack button before sending electricity to turn the attack into a fire based attack. Deals 16 - 17%.


Ledge attack

  • Geno climbs up and swings his feet overhead.

100% ledge attack

  • TBA

Ground attack

  • TBA

Trip attack

  • TBA

Grabs, Throws


  • Grabs with both hands, but there so small.

Forward Throw

  • Geno grabs the enemy, then uses a explosion, similar to the explosion in the Up Smash.

Back Throw

  • Geno throws the enemy behind him, and shoots a short-ranged laser.

Up Throw

  • Geno grabs and throws the enemy upward.

Down Throw

  • Geno places the enemy below him, then use an explosion similar to the final hit of the Up Smash.


Neutral Air

  • Geno's cape becomes in the shape of a spike ball and attacks around him. Deals up to 14%. Slow startup but high KO potential and large hitbox that covers all angles.

Foward Air

  • Geno does an overhead swing his arm in front of him, dealing 10%. This move has high stun, enabling Geno to combo up to 3 of these back-to-back using L-cancels.

Backward Air

  • Geno's sends a rocket fist behind him for 8% damage. (The rocket fist eventually explodes.) It's very useful as a short-hopped, L-canceled approach, since Geno can use the rocket as a moving shield to get closer to foes safely.

Up Air

  • Same as Up Tilt, but in the air. Geno backflips, and kicks anything nearby thats above him for 10%. Great move to finish juggles with.

Down Air

  • Geno puts both his feet below him and kicks by extending his legs. If sweet spotted, it's a spike. Deals 12 - 14%. This has much better vertical range than most spikes, which makes it good as a jump-in.

Snake Codec


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  • Contrary to popular belief, Geno is not owned by Nintendo, but is owned by Square-Enix. This ownership is one of the reasons why Geno has never been in an official Smash game, despite being popularly requested.
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