Sblg giygas
Universe Nintendo
Debut Earthbound
Appears in Super Net Bros
Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Zalgo (brother)
Creepy Red (brother)
Mr. Creepypasta
Jack O. Lantern
Human Giygas (human form)
Zero-Two (bro)
The G-Major
Enemies Cpend7
Kefka (In Uber Rap Battles Of Fiction)
Mother Brain
Dr. Eggman
Blue Oak
Claude Frollo
Brood Mother (she's more terrifying)
The Darkness
Icon of Sin
Lawl Team Team Net Bros.
Team Galaxy


Devil's Machine

An egg drops out and Giygas slowly phases out of it, then solidifies. The egg then disappears.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - PK Rockin'

Being the attack he did in the Devil's Machine, Giygas gives off a seizure-enducing explosion that stuns anyone near the sides of the explosion. The closer you are in the blast zone, the more it hurts you and the longer it stuns you. This can be charged up for a PK Rockin' Omega, dealing 4x more damage than normal and stuns you for 4x as long.

Side B - White Box

Giygas shoots out a white box, which will stop if it hits a person. The box itself only does 1% damage, and can be controlled like Zelda's Din's Fire upon holding down B. It then chooses a random PK-based attack Giygas will perform. Here are all 6 of what he can do:

PK Fire

It can burn up the opponent.

PK Freeze

This will freeze you.

PK Thunder

A lightning bolt strikes at thee and stuns you.

PK Flash

This temporarily reverses controls.

PK Hypnosis

It sends you to the shieldbroken stance.

PK Mindfuck

The rarest attack that can be performed and it can cause paralysis to the mind, disabling a random special attack (aside from the up special) and reverses controls for 10 seconds.

You can attack the box to stop the casting.

Up B - Mist Form

Giygas goes into what is known as his mist form. In mist form, Giygas flies around for 15 seconds and can go through anything. He can get attacked, but no knockback will be dealt to him while he's in mist form. This can leave you stuck in walls when it ends, so be careful when that happens. While in mist form, you can press B to do a mini version of his incomprehensive attack, and A to change back.

Down B - Headcrab

Giygas summons a headcrab striaght out of good old Half-Life (the franchise that still doesn't have a third). The headcrabs can leech onto the opponent's skull and give health to Giygas. They have 50 HP and can be easily killed. They can also be shaken off by doing standard attacks. There can oly be 2 headcrabs on screen at a time. They fall down pits and climb up walls.

Final Smash - GIYGAS' ATTACK

Giygas turns into his mist form and then fades out. He'll then reppear in the background and cause the stage to turn red along with the opponents. He then shoots 2 shockwaves that are a part of the attack that no one can grasp the true form of, making at least 2 people fly off screen, meaning it's an assured KO for both of them. If you manage to dodge it in a timely manner like Tabuu's wing attack, you'll easily survive.


KOSFX1. "It hurts..."

KOSFX2. "...not right..."

Star KOSFX: *moans*

Screen KOSFX: "Ness..."


Up: "I...feel...g...o...o...d..."

Sd: "Go back..."

Dn: "I'm...h...a...p...p...y..."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. LOLgas

2. "I'm...h...a...p...p...y..."


Failure/Clap: Static error

Standard Attacks

Neutral Jabs: punch, slap, flash

Dash Attack: Red Charge

Smash Attacks

  • Sd: Chomp in the Dark
  • Up: Hand from Hell
  • Dn: Fetus Image

Tilt Attacks

  • Sd: Tail Whip
  • Up: Flip Kick
  • Dn: Tail Spin

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air: Mist Flash
  • F-Air: Flash
  • B-Air: Tail Jab
  • U-Air: PK Fire Afterburn
  • D-Air: Leg Strech


  • Grab: Sillhouette Hand
  • Pummel: Headbutt
  • Forward: Yellow Line
  • Back: Charles Barkley Slenderman
  • Up: PK Fire Zeta
  • Down: Ground Plow


  • Ledge Attack: Tail through the Floor
  • 100% Ledge Attack: PK Thunder Zeta
  • Ground Attack: Blood Slip
  • Trip Attack: Fetus Form

Snake Codec


Character Description

In 1909, a couple named George and Maria were abducted by aliens. On board the ship they cared for a young alien named Giygas and learned of PSI powers. Upon returning to Earth, George continued to study these powers.

80 years later, Giygas returned to Earth on a mission to stop the spread of PSI power. The evil and weakminded were drawn to him as he sought to invade the planet and wipe out humanity. But the grandson of George and Maria, Ninten, and his companions confronted him. Singing a song that Maria once sang to him caused Giygas to weaken and lose his mind.

Giygas had returned many years later, his mind and body consumed and destroyed by evil, leaving a swirling vortex of uncontrollable evil, seeking to bring about the apocalypse.

Classic Mode


Role in SSE





  • Shigesato Itoi based Giygas off of a graphic rape scene he saw in a movie as a lad.
  • In his second form, there is shown an image of a fetus, conducting the abortion theory.
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