"First the original Sims, now this?"
"First the original Sims, now this?"
Universe FOX
Debut The Simpsons Game
Appears in Lawl with Gaterbelt
Friends Panty
Judgement (Original counterpart's wife)
Cpend7 (he likes God in the Show)
Original counterpart
Enemies Homer Simpson
Bart Simpson
Trip (Jelious)
Zeus (His Jerkful Clone)
Cpend7 (he always lose to him so many times)
Lawl Team Lawl with Gaterbelt


Lightning Strike

God summon his Lightning Bolts and Throws it at his opponent (25% Damage)

God Stomp

God float Up and stomp at the opponent. (20%)

Fist Slam

God use his Mighty Fist to slam the opponent. (30%)

Character Description

God serves as the final boss to The Simpsons. He uses previous enemies encountered as icons in a "Guitar Hero"/"Dance Dance Revolution" match, while the chosen song ("Rock you Like a Hurricane", by the Scorpions) plays. As the whole family, you have to make them hit the notes in a correct time to break the game stations and defeat the minions he sends. They will change when the station is broken. Each station is a parody of a popular videogame console (i.e.: Praystation is a parody of PlayStation and the Hii is a parody of the Wii).


God is here!

Appears from Light

Francise Icon

The Simpsons Game Logo



Game Over

Boss Battle Music

Scorpions - Rock you like a Hurricane (The Simpsons Game remix)


  • He is the first boss character to be the Master of the Universe. (Unlike He-Man).
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