Goomba is a Lawl Orbit Fighter

Goomba New HUD



Tanoomba Tricks

Goomba Appears From A Toad With a Tail


Neutral B - Thorn Shot

A Basic Forward Firing Projectile.

Side B - Head Bonk

Goomba Starts Running Forward Before Leaping And Burying Opponents, Spikes In The Air AndGives Super Armour During The Run And Leap.

Up B - Wings

Goomba Achieves It's Goal of Flight And Becomes a ParaGoomba, Allowing It To Fly. Press A While Flying To Drop Micro Goombas, Which Lower Jump Height. Stay Until Shaken Off.

Down B - Kuribo Shoe

Goomba Dons a Kuribo Shoe, Allowing It To Hop Around and Jump On Opponents. Jumps Spike in The Air.

Final Smash - Something Big is Coming

Multiple Goombas Rush The Stage, Trying To Grab The Opponents. If You Get Grabbed, Well, Say Your Prayers... The Goomba Has Grown Massive And Crushes Opponents Grabbed (Tries To Crush Non Grabbed Opponents, But You Can Dodge Easily If Not Grabbed).



Screen KO: meep....


Up: "Meep Meep!"

Side: Goomba Eats a Lollipop

Down: Goomba Jumps Up and Down

 Victory Options/Lose Pose

1: Goomba Makes It's Victory Pose From Super Mario Party

2: The Loser (Last Place If Multiple Opponents Are Present) Touches Goomba And Dies

3: Goomba Flies Off Screen As ParaGoomba

Lose Pose:Goomba Is Seen, Squished

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