Hai Jordan
Green Lantern 1
Universe DC Nation
Debut Green Lantern
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl EX, Lawl Eagles
Friends Ishamie Tarker
Jachier Gilbert
Enemies Gary Bettman
Lawl Team Team EX, Team Eagles

Hal Jordan is a fictional superhero known as Green Lantern, who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. Hal Jordan was created in 1959 by writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane. He is a science fiction reinvention of a previous DC Comics character who was also called Green Lantern (Alan Scott).

Hal Jordan is a member of an interstellar law enforcement agency called the Green Lantern Corps. He fights evil across the Universe with a ring that grants him a variety of extraordinary powers.


Hal Jordan charges his ring up, and then punches through the lantern he use to charge it.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Green Lantern's Light

Hal summons a projectile that is either a laser, bullet, arrow, or basketball. Lasers move very fast, bullets can be charged and only let go if you use them a second time, arrows move in an arc and are affected by gravity, and basketballs, while rare, bounce along the ground and do massive damage.

Side B - Escape Your Sight

Hal projects a forcefield around himself where he can't move or take damage, which could have spikes (so no one can touch it), a rocky exterior (so he can roll and hurt people), translucent skln (so he can float but not hurt people), or just be a normal force field.

Up B - Justice's Might

Hal shoots a hand attached to his ring up in the air as a tether recovery, which grabs on to a constructed platform whih dissappears right when Hal gets to it. It can also grab onto an actual ledge and just bring him up to grab on that.

Down B - Brightest Day, Blackest Night

Hal Jordan refills a "power gauge" on his HUD by charging his ring. If this power gauge was to run out, he could not attack except with this move, so this is vital to Hal's success.

Final Smash - Beware our Power

Hal summons the whole Green lantern Corps to attack everyone with various constructs. The various Corps members that join in are:

  • Kilowog attacks people with a hammer he holds, hitting them repeatedly in the air
  • Ch'p shoots a barrage of sharp acorns at anyone around them.
  • Guy Gardner shoots a beam that latches onto an opponent, dealing damage to them over time
  • Katma Tui creates a forcefield around her, damaging anyone inside of the field.
  • Arisia Rrab grabs people wigth a giant hand and throws them into the way of other Lanterns.
  • Abin Sur flies up and hits people on the way down inside a green energy spaceship.
  • Mogo appears in the background during the chaos, and fires one huge beam of energy at everyone in the field.


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