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Grim Reaper
Universe Cartoon Network
Debut Billy and Mandy
Appears in Super Lawl/Smash Bros LAWL Doom.
Friends Cpend7 (He can help him)
Enemies Billy and Mandy
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl/Smash Bros LAWL Doom.

On-Screen Appearance


Special Attacks

Neutral B - Portal (Similar To Mandy's Down Special Or Ed's From Dkess Lawl)

Side B - Scythe Beam

Up B - Head's Up

Down B - Reaper Spin

Final Smash - I AM THE FIRE

Final Smash - Mogo Scythe

Other Special Attacks

Neutral B - Scythe Beam Blast

Grim launches a green crescent shaped projectile forwards. He can spam the move quite quickly and it's one of the most damaging projectiles, dealing 10%, with knockback that can even eventually kill people by itself as it sends Grim's enemies vertically. The projectile doesn't have totally infinite range, going forwards about 4/5ths of the distance of the Kid's Next Door 1 (treehouse) stage. This is still more than enough range to do what you want, and if spammed constantly you can easily have 3 of them on-screen at a time, with the fourth one briefly existing as the first one fades out. The range cap is the projectile's only downside, one of the best in the game. Grim shoots a green projectile in the shape of the end of the scythe itself.

Side B - Reaping Slash

Grim does a generic swing of his scythe. This is a powerful hitbox that deals 12% and absolutely massive knockback. This is Grim's strongest move knockback wise and outclasses a lot of heavyweight attacks from characters like Father and Vilgax in terms of knockback despite the strangely somewhat low damage, and is still plenty fast as a melee move. Grim swings his scythe forward vertically, changing the blade into a large green energy in the shape of the blade.

Up B - Grim Spin

Grim spins and generically ascends upwards for a decent recovery, though a terrible attack given it does 7% and average knockback along with him. It does its job as a generic recovery. Grim spins in the air, raising his scythe above him, until he spins around while at the peak of the move.

Down B - Mad Eruption

Grim pounds his scythe into the ground, causing an aura of green fire to be summoned around himself. This does 25 hits of 1% and flinching, and puts Grim and his foe into a frame neutral state afterwards. Given the slow nature of Grim's jab and the terrible range on his grab, Grim is not likely going to win the "quick draw" contest of who mashes in an attack first after the attack's hitbox ends. If the foe isn't right next to Grim at point blank, oftentimes he's best off just going for his all powerful Side Special, which is still very fast and won't leave the foe much time to respond with anything that has as good of range as it does. If in super close range, Grim should probably opt for the grab instead. This "combo" works decently on computer players with them usually not beating it out. The Down Special is also a fairly effective tool against story mode enemies. This move is still not all that great against human players considering it produces zero Final Smash pickups for some reason. Grim slams his scythe to the ground, summoning green flames around him. Deals 1% per hit. A full 25% if all hits are connected. However, can be shielded during use.

Final Smash - Portal of the Netherrealm

Grim summons a portal in front of himself that's very large that deals 55% and very high upwards knockback. This knockback is surprisingly meager by Grim's standards and is less likely to kill people than his Side Special, though 55% still makes it worth using when you have it available. A below average Final Smash, though not terrible. Grim maniacally laughs as his scythe gets bigger and green aura surrounds it. Grim then performs a powerful slash that deals .30%, while opening a portal unleashing a wave of souls that deal instantaneous damage.






Up: "I don't like mixing business with pleasure, but I'm really going to enjoy this."

Sd: "Mama-say, mama-saw, mama-kusa. Mama-say, mama-saw, mama-kusa."

Dn: "Those are chicken bones, you simp."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: Oh, yeah! Who's bad? Grim's bad!

Victory 2:

Victory 3:

Lose/Clap: *Grim's Head Falls Off*

Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

The all-powerful grim reaper was a scary legend with a magic scythe at his disposal, but after losing a limbo contest in purgatory, Grim is forced to be best friends with Billy and Mandy. Grim tries to maintain a shred of dignity, but it's hard when he's constantly being outsmarted by a couple of obnoxious kids.

Standard Attacks

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack - Swings his scythe horizontally (2%), does an overhead strike (2%), and sticks his scythe forward. Grim does a series of 3 scythe swings that total to 8% with terrible knockback on the last hit. This jab is not only slow, but Grim advances forwards as he does the attack with very awkward specific hitboxes in front of himself. The first two hits only flinch enemies like all other jabs in the game, and as such jab 1 will very, very rarely combo into jab 2 and make the attack only do 6% total while giving the foe the chance to get out of the jab combo. Jab 1 will at least combo to jab 3 to not make this attack be a total joke by itself. The jab cannot be canceled into anything helpful, grab and maybe Neutral Special projectile at best. Jab to Side Special is bordering on whether it's a true combo or not, but jab is not easy to hit with either and all you're tacking on for comboing jab 1 to something else is a token 2% which is worthless.
  • Dash Attack - Grim spins his scyhte around while running forward. Deals 3% per hit and has such pathetic knockback that it might've been a mistake. Grim comes to a stop as he spins his scythe in front of himself, dealing several flinching hits that total to 9%. This is not safe on hit and produces no Final Smash pickups. An awful unusable move.
  • Forward tilt -
  • Up tilt - Grim pokes his scythe upwards, dealing 4% and very weak knockback. The knockback scales vertically but there is enough base horizontal knockback that foes will be knocked too far away for Grim to combo into anything besides his Neutral Special, which should consistently combo into the attack at low percents. The attack has such low range against grounded enemies in front of Grim that I can't recommend it, especially with how little damage it does. Grim raises his scythe above him.
  • Down tilt - Grim's scythe spins down on the ground in front of himself for 2 hits of 4% and flinching. This attack is not safe on hit and does not scale to do knockback, so it's terrible and unusable. Grim tosses his scythe to the ground, somehow making it spin in place.
  • Side Smash - Grim does a swing of his scythe forwards with slightly greater reach than his Side Special, but less vertical range. This deals 13% and arguably less knockback than the Side Special, and is very slightly slower. Mostly useful for reaching out slightly farther, though Side Special is so superior most of the time you're not going to remember to use this move. Grim swings his scythe forward horizontally. Deals 13%~19% uncharged~charged.
  • Up Smash - Grim spins his scythe above himself, dealing multiple hits of flinching that total to 15% damage. This attack is so mediocre that unlike Down Special, it doesn't even put him in a frame neutral state with the foe and is instead unsafe on hit, and it doesn't produce any Final Smash pickups either. Avoid this horrible move. If you land it for some reason, desperately spam grab to try to defend yourself after it's done in case the foe has a low reaction time. Grim raises his scythe in the air and spins it around. Deals 3%~4% per hit uncharged~charged.
  • Down Smash - Grim swings his scythe in front of himself, dealing 17% and launching foes upwards. After the attack completes, Grim for some reason puts his hand over his eyes to block out the sun to be able to see better and looks upwards, presumably at where his foe was sent flying (even if he didn't hit them). This animation gives the attack ending lag it doesn't need, making it a mediocre attack even if the upwards launching knockback is quite strong. The main thing that makes this attack border on just being terrible is that this will miss short characters if used at point blank range for whatever reason, making the hitbox not be as large as it appears. This is Grim's only launching attack to do vertical knockback, making him pretty bad on those stages where that's the way he has to kill people. Grim swings his scythe like a golf club and looks on at his "launched opponent" whether it hits or not. Deals 17%~25% uncharged~charged.

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air - Grim swings his scythe to either side of himself, first behind him then in front of him. Each swing does 6% and very weak knockback. This attack's hitbox is very specific and it's incredibly awkward it hits behind him the first time. The knockback is so pathetic that it borders on being unsafe on hit. Grim strikes in front of him. Deals 6%.
  • F-Air - Grim swings his scythe in front of himself, dealing 9% and high forwards knockback. This attack is blatantly a faster, weaker Side Special, which is good considering Side Special is amazing, having roughly the same hitbox as that move. This can hit even the shortest of grounded enemies from a shorthop, though it's kind of difficult. Side Special is generally recommended over side aerial when attacking grounded enemies just to avoid the risk of interrupting the move by landing. In any case, it's a powerful move that helps make Grim threatening off-stage. Grim swings his scythe forward vertically. Deals 9%.
  • B-Air -
  • U-Air - Grim spins his scythe above himself, dealing 6% and flinching for another useless aerial that doesn't do knockback for some reason. As usual, the ending lag is too long to exploit the foe's incredibly brief stun. Don't use this. Grim sticks his scythe in the air, spinning the edge of the blade. Deals 6%.
  • D-Air - Grim punts his scythe downwards, dealing 12% and strong forwards knockback. The hitbox is pretty small and as such it's not going to see any real use against grounded enemies despite the fact it's possible to hit them with this aerial, but it can potentially be worth it to use on enemies recovering below you off-stage. Grim sticks his scythe below him. Deals 12%.


  • Grab -
  • Pummel - ???
  • Forward Throw- ???
  • Back Throw - ???
  • Up Throw - ???
  • Down Throw - ???

Other Attacks

  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Front attack: ???
  • Back attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

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