964381-gwonam by vortexrikers
"Squadala! We're off!"
Universe CD-I
Debut Link: The Faces of Evil
Appears in Super Lawl
Smash Bros. Lawl Comedy Combat
Friends The King
CD-i Link
CD-i Zelda
Enemies The Genie
I.M. Meen
Dr. Rabbit
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl
Team Comedy Combat

Special Attacks

B- Map or Sword Throw

Gwonam can throw either sword or a map at the enemy. Holding the B button can make Gwonam's attack stronger.

Inspiration Clip: Gwonam used this attack in Achille12345's CD-I: The Random Game.

Side B- Magic Writtens

Gwonam opens his writtens as he casts a spell and hit the enemy with a green laser that shoots from his writens. Holding the button will make the attack stronger and longer range.

Inspiration clip: Gwonam used this attack as a team attack with Mario in Achille12345's CD-I random fight.

Up B-  Squadala Magic Carpet

Gwonam can use his magic carpet known as "The Squadala" to  fly. He can throw swords or maps while on his carpet by pressing A. While on the carpet, any opponent will get hurt if they touch Gwonam. Pushing the B button or the Jump button can cancel the move

Down B- Beautiful Birds

Gwonam summons a blue birds that'll hurt the enemies when come in contact.

Final Smash- Super Squadala

When triggered, Gwonam summons his Squadala and goes into a supersonic speed and sents all enemies to midair. He continues to ram the opponents multiple times from every single direction in midair. And finally, he shouts "Squadala! WE'RE OFF!!" as four of him rams the enemies in one final strike. Blast them away.
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