Kitty "Hello Kitty" White
Universe Sanrio
Debut Hello Kitty
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Castle Cat
Felix the Cat
The Cat in the Hat
Mr. Gimmick
Shinya Arino
SpongeBob SquarePants
Pinkie Pie
Panty & Stocking
Manabu Yūki
Master Chief
Solty Revant
Nyan Cat
Catbug (bro)
Steven Star
Hatsune Miku
Lydia Prower
Sailor Moon (one of her English dub voices sound similar)
Timmy Brisby
Timmy Turner
Toon Raven
Twilight Sparkle
Juliet Starling
Jelly Kid
Kamen Rider
Strawberry Cookie
Enemies Bubsy
The Perp of the Hello Kitty murder
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Down the Rabbit Hole

Kitty falls down wearing the same dress she did during the Alice in Wonderland episode, which falls off of her mid-fall, and then she lands on her feet, ready to fight.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Hairball

Kitty starts to cough up a hairball. The hairball is a sticky projectile that can get on walls, opponents (poisonous), and the ground (becomes a slip trap that's also effective on Kitty). The longer you hold B, the more she coughs. The more she coughs, the faster and farther the hairball flies. While she's coughing her head off, you can aim her head by moving the analog stick up or down in the purpose of choosing an angle to shoot the hairball in. The hairballs will stay for 10 seconds. Sometimes, she might even cough up the head of the woman from the Hello Kitty murder.

Side B - Kitty Cannon

Kitty gets behind a white cannon similar to the one seen in the flash game Hello Kitty Balls (yes, you can imagine your own Beavis & Butthead moment there). An arrow appears from where the shots are...shot from. Move the analog stick up or down to angle the shot while moving it left or right to decide how far the missiles go. Press B to shoot them. They cause items and weak projectiles in their path to explode (which won't stop them). They manage to do a small combustion upon the opponent they come in contact with. If one hits one of Kitty's hairballs, it causes feline salivation to fly in all directions, making opponents go at 75% normal speed and causing there to be slip traps. You have a limited stock of missiles to shoot which will replenish over time, so be cautious.

Up B - Red Balloons

Kitty straps on a pair of red balloons and floats up into the sky. While on land with the balloons, you can shove away the competition due to them being able to float. They can absorb electric attacks and manage to give Kitty a static charge, allowing her to run into opponents (while the balloons are on her) and then stun them upon direct contact due to her snow white cat fur. The more electricity absorbed, the longer the stun lasts. How high the static charge on Kitty is depends on how much her fur stands up in a cute and fluffy fashion. In the air, Kitty is allowed 5 arm flaps upward. The longer you hold the button that jumps, the higher up Kitty floats. You can move down while in the air to do a quick meteor smash and then pounce back to the balloons. Projectile attacks and sharp objects will manage to pop the balloons. Press up+B while on land to release them.

Down B - Basket of Strawberries

Kitty gets out a woven basket filled with freshly picked strawberries. She can walk along left and right with the basket in her hands. Pressing A makes her eat one of thestrawberries in her basket, which of course heals her. Pressing B makes her throw a strawberry. You get 100 strawberries max per stock, so be cautious not to waste them all. You can collect foods to replenish your berry stock, though, from say a party ball. You can also collect foods that were once thrown projectiles. The amount of strawberries they give is how much damage they heal divided by 5. Press down+B to put the basket away. While it's empty, you can use it as a throwable projectile.

Final Smash - Halo Kitty

Kitty gets into her Sparta gear for 20 seconds. She also gains a new and legit moveset:

Neutral B - Spartan Laser

Kitty gets out a Spartan Laser from Halo 3 and as it slowly charges up a blast, you can aim the laser up and down with the analog stick. The laser does as much knockback as Samus' Zero Laser in a single shot.

Side B - Gravity Hammer

Kitty slams down the Gravity Hammer also from Halo 3. It does an insane amount of knockback in one swift slam down to the ground. If you use it while dashing, it'll give Kitty a boost upward, with the full double-jump height Luigi can go.

Up B - Jetpack

Kitty straps on a jetpack and then goes upward. The jets do 1% damage and burn opponents underneath them. You can only keep on using them as long as you keep holding B. While flying, Kitty can shoot using a Halo 1 magnum pistol, triggered by pressing A. Like the Spartan Laser, you can angle the position of the magnum.

Down B - Plasma Grenades

Kitty throws what people over in Matchmaking call a sticky greande. They travel like Snake's grenades. They mainly do what they do in Halo: glow blue, stick to those who were that unfortunate, and then after a while they...EXPLODE! YEA! Though they can also stick to Kitty if she's not careful because energy attacks can deflect plasma grenades, as well as her teammates, like in the original Halo matches you'd look forth to playing.


KOSFX1: *groans*

KOSFX2: "Ooh!"

Star KOSFX: *cries*

Screen KOSFX: "Oof!"


Up: *sings a Japanese song*

Sd: *checks her phone*

Dn: *adjusts her bow*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *flips the bird*

2. Nyan Hello Kitty

3. *sings a Japanese song in her victory*

4. (w/ SpongeBob) *dances with SpongeBob/grinds up against SpongeBob*

5. (w/ Timmy Brisby) *both do a bros pose*

Failure/Clap: Crying and Kicking

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode


Role in SSE





  • "Hello Kitty" is an anagram for "kill the toy".
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