Hige for Smash
Universe Electrobyte
Debut Mugen
Appears in Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate
Friends Tito Dick

Zkai Kid

Poland Ball

Enemies Vladimir Putin


Lawl Team Team MAD


  1. Hige pops out of nowhere and spouts some Japanese Skip to 0:13
  2. Hige comes out of the sky and farts Igniz and Original Zero who was already here out of existence

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Throwing your teammates

Hige can throw Krizalid, Original Zero. and Igniz and use them as projectiles. When they hit your opponents, they get pushed back a little. They deal 2-4% damage each. However there is a delay every time you throw one of them, so its possible to get interrupted. This means you can't easily spam it like Mario's fireball or Megaman's megabuster. Its best to use it when you are far away from the rest of the competition.

Inspiration: Skip to 1:30

Side B - Stand Arm

Hige can shoot a green see through arm at the opponent. It's travel speed is very fast so its hard to avoid but it can only go in a straight line. Once it hits you, you are frozen in place and Hige has a bunch of knifes in his hand. The enemy will stay in place where he/she was hit. That means if you are hit midair, you stay in the air.Time temporally stops. and Hige teleports behind the enemy with the knifes surrounding the enemy(however if you were hit midair, Hige teleports to the ground).Once the knifes hit the enemy, the time stop ends and deals damage between 17-23%. He has invincibilityframes until the knifes hit the enmey. Depending on the enemy's position and how long it take for him/her to hit the ground, Hige can still attack to maximize damage. Make sure to use this carefully because you could telaport into a situation where you get sandwiched by other players.

Inspiration: Skip to 3:32

Up B - Lightning Crusher

Hige turns into a ball of lightning with 4 bolts sticking out and propels him in the air. As he goes up, the bolts spin around. The damage varies depending how close you are yo him. If you really close, it can deal over 40% damage, but if you are far away from him and the one if the bolts touch you(the bolts are as long the screen) you get below 10% damage.

Inspiration: Skip to 6:33

Down B - Laser Vision

Hige can shoot a laser beam in a downward diagonal position that goes in a forward direction. When it hits a enemy, it pushes them back as the beam goes and damages them. The damage can range from 17% to 55%. After the beam is finished, it leaves behind a trail of flame. If the enemy goes over it, it will harm them and will force them to block.However you have to wait 5 seconds to use it again.

Inspiration: Skip to 11:19

Down B Midair - Maruke

A white aura surrounds Hige and makes him float in the air. The aura harms anyone whose in his way.

Inspiration: Skip to 11:54

Final Smash - Ultimate Destruction

Yellow energy surrounds Hige and catches any anyone of his vicinity. The energy turns into a pillar and Hige floats up with the enemies still stuck in place. It cuts into a cut scene where we see Hige in air with orbs surrounding him, preparing to stike down. The orbs turns into a yellow aura and then Hige comes down immediately. When he hits the ground, there is a explosion of yellow energy killing everyone. This move is unavoidable, even you avoid the first part of the Final Smash, you'll get hit by the second part.

Inspiration: Skip to 1:18


KOSFX1: Skip to 5:20

KOSFX2: Skip to 12:25

Star KOSFX: Skip to 0:30

Screen KOSFX: Skip to 2:57


  1. Taunt 1: Jumandoru Pon To Kuretaze
  2. Taunt 2: Kinniku Morimori Machoman No Hentai Da
  3. Tadano Kakashi Desuna

Victory options + Falire

  1. Sexy time with Chizuru skip to 1:53
  2. Gay rainbow with Final Fantasy 7 victory theme skip to 2:45
  3. The Geddan dance skip to 17:25

Failure: Turns his back and not look

Standard Attacks

Basic Attacks (On Ground) 

  • Side-A: Variation of use of Bladed Cloak
  • Up-A: Variation of use of Bladed Cloak
  • Down-A: Blue Aura

Aerial Attacks 

  • Down-A: Red Energy surrounds Hige's foot then quickly goes down at a 45 degree angle harming anyone is his way


  • Up - Lightning Crusher
  • Down - Titian Knuckle
  • Side - Throws a explosion....I think


  • Up Grab: Hige kneels down and farts on you
  • Down Grab: He grabs you and slam you on the ground
  • Side Grab: His shadow extends to you and does some punches and kicks
  • Throttle:?????

Character Description

He is on a crap ton of drugs



  • Yellow and red
  • Dark green and red
  • Dark red and Dark green
  • Purple and dark green
  • brown and red


Nests layer

Stage theme


This is the video i used where i based most of his moves on

Kof Mugen - Hige

Kof Mugen - Hige

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