Homer Simpson
Universe The Simpsons
Debut Good Night/The Simpsons
Appears in EX
Smash Bros. Lawl Comedy Combat
Friends Cpend7
Jeff the Killer
SpongeBob SquarePants
Ned Flanders
Mickey Mouse
Squidward Tentacles
Bart Simpson
Enemies Peter Griffin
Stan Smith
Dead Bart
Suicide Mouse
Suicide Squidward
Jon Watson
Bart Simpson (Sometimes)
Lawl Team Team EX
Team Comedy Combat


Homer is Back!

Homer falls out of a tornado, muttering.


Pink Sedan

Homer Crashes the pink sedan saying d'oh

Special Moves

WageGannon6's ideas

Neutral B - Donut

Homer throws a donut similair to Mario's fireballs but goes in a straight line rather than bouncing. It does 6% damage to any opponent it meets. You can hold down B to eat the donut which shall heal 6% damage.

Side B - See You In Hell, Candy Boys

Homer throws a can of Buzz Cola mixed with Pop Rocks that explodes when tossed, doing a decent amount of damage.

Up B - Homer Copter

Homer spins around creating a tornado similair to Mario's down B in SSB64 & Melee but goes upwards.

Down B - Here's Johnny!

Final Smash -

Tonipelimies's Ideas

Neutral Special - Homer Ball

Homer turns into a ball, and then spins in place until you release "B" button, then he flies of at high speed.

Side Special: Simpson Takedown

Homer jumps forward and grabs the opponent, then he headbutts them (press A), sits on them (press up or down), or jumps up in the air with them and then slams them into the floor (press B).

Up Special: Bee Jar

Homer releases a bee from a jar which you control freely. If you hit yourself with the bee, you fly off yelling in pain.

Down Special: Sumo Stomp

Homer strikes a Sumo pose, and then starts stomping the ground, causing massive shockwaves.

Final Smash: Snowplower

Homer jumps up in the air and comes down in his massive Snowplower. He is able to fire off massive snowballs, fly using exhaust pipes pointing downwards, and doing a barrel roll.


K.O 1: "Doh!"

K.O 2: "Stupid Flanders!"

Star K.O: *Screams*

Screen K.O: "WHY YOU LITTLE?!"


Down Taunt- Homer jumps around like a sissy, saying "Oooh, look at me everybody!" with his imitation voice.

Side Taunt- Homer walks, slow and tired on the spot, saying "You're too FAST!" 

Up Taunt- Homer raises two white flags saying "Can't we be friends!?"

`Victory/Lose Pose

Author idea's Victory 1: Homer tries to catch his pig, without success.

Victory 2: Homer start ROFLing

Victory 3: Homer does a couple of punches in the air, then he turns around, raises his arms and yells "I'm INVINCIBLE!"

IAMWEEGEE24's idea

Victory 1: Homer yells "Wahoo" but reaction changes to him screaming like in the intro band runs of because of marges car going out of control and they run back and forth right & left in the back ground (all characters who loss react confusingly but go back to clapping)

Victory 2: homer starts his swing around on the floor "wabo bo bo bo bo! Wabo bo bo bo bo"

Victory 3: homer raises his arms & fist yell "yeah baby im the best" or etc

Character Description

Homer Jay Simpson is the father of the Simpson Family. He is an overweight, lazy, and ignorant individual, but is strongly devoted to his wife and children. Despite this and his below average intelligence, he has shown moments of great intellect, and can be a caring parent and husband at times.

Homer Simpson works as a low level safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, in Sector 7G, although he is often incompetent and mostly sleeps on duty and eats the doughnuts that are provided. He spends a great deal of his time at Moe's Tavern with his lifelong friends Barney, Carl, Lenny and bartender Moe. At home he can often be found sitting on the sofa mindlessly watching TV while snacking on food and drinking Duff. Homer is the only son of Abe and Mona.

Classic Mode


Rival 1: TBA


Rival 2: TBA




Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- Homer jams a donut in the opponent's face.
  • Dash Attack- Homer trips and yells "D'oh!"
  • Side Tilt- Homer does a pelvic tjrust, followed by a noisy burp in the face of the pelvic-thrusted foe.
  • Up Tilt- Homer raises his arm to create a picture of a Duff Beer, which damages the opponents it hits.
  • Down Tilt- Homer turns around, crouches and hits the opponent with his butt.


  • Side- Homer shakes a Duff, and then he opens it, which caused the beer to spray out.
  • Up- Homer tries to pull a parasol out of the ground, and when he succeeds, he swings it to the other side of his body.
  • Down- Homer points on the ground and yells "WOHOOOH, A DOLLAR!", causing opponets close and in front of him to look down and get "paralyzed" for a while.


  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Ground attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Grab, Throws

  • Grab- "Why you little...!"
  • Pummel- Squeezes neck.
  • Forward- Homer grabs a paddle and then spanks the opponent so that he/she flies off.
  • Backward- Homer spins around a lot (like 15 laps) and throws the opponent a good distance, but he is immobilised afterwards because he gets dizzy.
  • Up- Homer jumps up very high with the opponent, and then he lands on them, butt first.
  • Down- Homer slams the opponent in the ground a couple of times saying "I'll show you!"


  • Neutral- Homer pulls out a TV remote and a Wiimote from his pockets and spins.
  • Forward- Homer does a massive pelvic thrust in front of him which sweet spots with sparking force.
  • Backward- Homer pulls out Santa's Little Helper (their dog) from his pocket, which bites viciously behind Homer.
  • Up- Homer throws a donut in the air, which then falls down into his mouth followed by a satisfied "Mmmmm"
  • Down- Homer turns into a ball and falls downwards with massive force.


The Donut

Victory Music

Green Day's Version of Simpsons Theme Song

Kirby Hat

Homer Hair

When Chosen

Homer Said: D'OH


Springfield tour

Related Music

Credits Music

Snake Codec


Role In The Subspace Emissary


Alternate costumes