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"And I say: Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, yeah, yeah! I said hey! Best friends from now on!"
Universe YouTube
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Ashens
Chef Excellence
Prince Adam
Enemies Friend eaters
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy

Asst. Trophy Actions

When summoned, Honeydew will look like he's about to walk, but then just back for 3 seconds. He then sings the song expected with the character himself. At first he will cause coal and stone appear at his sides. The coal can further ignite flame traps when thrown at such while the stones work like basic throwing items. He then feeds the closest opponent some wheat, causing him/her to follow him automatically into the entryway to the factory, dealing burning damage at a constant rate until he gets to the song's main chorus. Meat will then fly in from the right of the screen, healing everybody. Sips will then appear, pushing a tree that appears in the background, causing it to fall over and plow players into the ground. Players can still push the tree, but it will vanish after 3 seconds pass. He then grabs the nearest opponent from behind, causing him/her to struggle. Duncan later on appears. When he says "Myar!", those near him will get stunned. The ghost of the pig appears and then sings its lyrics to Honewdew. Anyone who passes through him will suddenly trip over. After Honewdew sings that eating friends is wrong, he then goes away.
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