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Ignatius Mortimer Meen
"How i hate those Trolls"
"How i hate those Trolls"
Universe MS-DOS
Debut I.M. Meen (1993)
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl
Friends The King
Ophelia Chill
Dr. Rabbit (partner in TKEAx TFS)
Gwonam (sometimes)
Vegeta (both hate bookworms)
Roman Torchwick
Enemies Madotsuki
The King (Formerly)
Chaotic the Hedgehog
Cpend7 (school student)
Amy Rose
Any "goody-goodies"
Bully Stopper (he is scared of him when he was little)
Steve (he blew him up with TNT)
Hades (lost respect)
Rosa Anarchy
Lydia Prower
Sandvich33 (for booking his girlfriend)
Lawl Team Team Lawl


Magic Poof

Appears on the stage in a blooming explosion, like in some cutscenes in I.M. Meen.

Special Attacks

Neutral Special - Meen Magic

I.M. Meen fires a blast of his spell. The move can be charged like Samus's neutral B, but it fires automatically after it's fully charged.

Custom 1

Meen fires a blast of his spell, which will stun opponents.

Custom 2



During the final battle of I.M. Meen, Meen's main method of attack is firing spells at the player.

Side Special - Meen Speen

Meen spins toward opponents. This move can be charged as well.

Custom 1


Custom 2



At the end of said game, Meen spins away after he vows revenge on the player.

Up B - Elek-Port

Meen disappears and reappears in a different area through sparks, depending on where the player controls him.

Custom 1


Custom 2



Through many of his game's cutscenes, I.M. Meen usually appears through puffs of smoke and disappears through sparks of electricity.

Down B - Boom-Port

Meen disappears and reappears in a different area through puffs of smoke, depending on where the player controls him. Similar to Wario Waft, this move charges automatically over time, but it teleports Meen horizontally instead of vertically.

Custom 1


Custom 2


Inspiration Clip: See above.

Final Smash - Magic Labyrinth

I.M. Meen tosses his book (the Magic Labyrinth of I.M. Meen!) at an opponent, which sucks him or her up and turning into a bookmark with the same colors as him or her. Meen can then toss the trapped opponent off the stage, or toss it at other opponents for high knockback. The trapped opponent escapes in 15 seconds. If the book misses, it explodes harmlessly and Meen curses.


The game's intro cutscene features I.M. Meen sucking up the two kids into his book.


KOSFX1: "Aaaaaaaaahhh!!!"

KOSFX2: "Eh eh eh"

Star KOSFX: "Wretched child!!"



Dn: "What's the matter, Smarty?"


Up - "I am the most powerful Magician in the world!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: "Back to your cell, Bookworm!"

Victory 2: "Better luck next time, Bookworm!"

Victory 3: *laughs at the loser, then elek-ports out*.

Victory 4 (If you beat Ophelia Chill): "Better luck next time, Ophelia!"

Lose/Clap: *groans at his loss*

Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

I. M. Meen is the main antagonist of the I. M. Meen very russian video game by MS-DOS. {C I. M. Meen is a wizard who hates goody-goody children who spend all their time reading, and traps them in his Magic Labyrinth with an enchanted book. He sings a song about this during the game's intro, and during gameplay he occasionally appears to taunt the player. He is defeated at the end of the game by "Writewell's Book of Better Grammar", which the player finds with the help of Gnorris, a gnome who works for Meen but decided to help the children escape.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack - Repeatedly produces magic from his hand.
  • Dash attack - Cartwheels.


  • Side - Leaps and kicks forward.
  • Up - Kicks above him.
  • Down - Swipes downward and produces magic.


  • Side - Slams his book forward.
  • Up - Shoots electricty up.
  • Down - Shoots electricity and magic to both sides of him.


  • N-Air - Surrounds himself with his book.
  • F-Air - Swipes forward with his hand.
  • B-Air - Does a flutter kick like Yoshi's.
  • U-Air - Points his hand up and produces magic.
  • D-Air - Closes both of his feet together.

Grabs and throws

  • Grab - Grabs in front of him.
  • Pummel -
  • Forward - Kicks the opponent forward.
  • Back -
  • Up - Produces an explosion near the opponent.
  • Down -


  • Ledge attack - Does a low kick.
  • 100% ledge attack - Scratches the opponent.
  • Floor attack - Scratches both ways.
  • Trip attack - Kicks both ways.

Changes from the Original to Super Lawl

Pros & Cons




I.M. Meen's head

Victory Music

I.M. Meen - Game Over theme

Video Music

SSBB OST - Final Destination

Kirby Hat

I.M. Meen's hairstyle

Exclusive stickers





Wiimote Sound

I.M. Meen laughs.

Classic Mode


Snake Codec

Colonel: Snake, you know who that is?

Solid Snake: ... No...

Colonel: He's I.M. Meen. You don't know who he is because he made his only appearance in a DOS game. He's not that famous.

Snake: This guy kinda gives me the creeps...

Colonel: Me too, Snake. He loves to molest good kids. He collects good kids with a magic book.

Snake: ...magic book? Are you kidding me?!

Colonel: No, I am not kidding. So try not to get caught in his magic book. It might be your worst nightmare...

Snake: Ugh, that's a scary thought...Creepy.

Role In SSE

I.M. Meen first appears in the Subspace Emissary when he gets into a argument with King Harkinian in Hyrule, declaring that he is the better Youtube Poop source. Then the two fight, with the loser being turned into a trophy. However, the victor revives the loser when both are attacked by the Halberd, which drops some Subspace Army soldiers. The King and Meen team up and fight off the attackers, and then they chase the Halberd through the Hylian fields. Later, in the Lost Woods, the King gets transformed into a trophy by Dr. Robotnik. I.M. Meen stops the doctor from continuing any further and fights him. Meen wins and blows up Robotnik's vehicle, sending the King trophy into the distance. I.M. Meen then searches for it.

Robotnik, wanting revenge, sends some badniks led by Scratch and a Subspace Bomb to the Final Forest to stop Meen. Unfortunately for the madman, Meen wins and continues his search until he finds a Dedede brooch on the ground. Unsuspectingly, Meen gets trophyized by Gaston. Kings Harkinian and Leonidas (who revived the King earlier) then arrive and fight against Gaston and Frollo, defeating them. I.M. Meen reunites with the King and continue their journey alongside Leonidas. Meen still has the Dedede brooch he found.


Pallete Swaps

  • Blue: Used in Blue Team.
  • Red: Used in Red Team.
  • Green: Used in Green Team.
  • Pink: Possibly Based on Ophelia Chill.
  • Brown: Based on Gnorris.
  • Yellow
  • White: Based on Dr. Wily.
  • Black: Based on Mr. Clipboard from FoodFight!



  • I.M. Meen is one of the two characters whose Star Launch #2 is not shown the other being the Nostalgia Critic.
  • Despite the fact that I.M. Meen is a villain, he is one of the heroes of the Subspace Emissary.
  • I.M. Meen hasn't gotten his losing animation since Dr. Robotnik's moveset which is the last time his losing animation was shown. He also lasted the longest without a losing animation as he's the only character who hasn't gotten it yet in his stage.
  • I.M. Meen survived the 2nd longest without getting KO'd, last time was in Final Forest. This is not counting Madotsuki's classic mode because it was offscreen. The longest survivor is Nostalgia Critic who hasn't gotten KO'd since Bicycle Tracks as his subspace form.
  • I.M. Meen is what started Lawl in the first place, making him the earliest character to join lawl. This also inspired people to do their own version of Lawl.
  • Out of any character of any Lawl series, I.M. Meen got KO'd the most out of any other character, his total being 20.



Smash Bros Brawl Character Moveset - IM Meen

I.M. Meen's moveset


Smash Bros Lawl Classic Mode - IM Meen

Classic Mode