Icy Steven
Universe OC
Debut ???
Appears in Lawler RPG
Friends Icy (wife)
Starla (daughter)
Darcy (sister-in-law)
Stormy (sister-in-law)
Albert Wesker
Unknown Lester
Lemon Samurai
Stockgil (former partner)
Jedah Dohma
Medon Lostness
Gideon Grave
Enemies Venis
Cosmo the Seedrian
Rainbow Dash
Amy Rose
Muscle Man
Lawl Team Team Elite


Neutral B- Blizzard and Heat Wave Slash

Like his good and his evil counterpart, Icy Steven sticks out two of his swords, s. Holding B makes her charge up both swords, his normal sword and the flaming blade, as releasing B create of tornado. Each wave a slash has a different effect. Fireballs will temporarily set the opponent on fire, which will make their heath drain for a short time and Ice balls will temporarily freeze the opponent. Either tornado could come out at any time. The longer the effect is the cause of the changed.

Side B- Diamond Shot

Icy Steven summons a freezing diamond-like spirit, which is launched forward. The diamond catches an enemy if it touches him/her, and the enemy loses health slowly. The speed and power also decreases. The opponent must do attacks to get rid of the Fire Soul.

Up B- Dark Wing

Same as Devil Steven.

Down B- Icicle Fury

Many black icicles appear rotating around Icy Steven, which damage the opponent upon contact. Steven can also stop them and set them to hover around him pointing forward or hover over the opponent pointing downward.

Final Smash- Bizzard Voltekka

Icy Steven gathers his last energy and converts it into energy his best hit to his opponent with the energy pulse (leads to the cutscene of Stevem ascending to his God Form, shattering his Heart Crystal, then unleashing a massive blast of energy for best results. Same as Trucks, If the oppoenet have under 100% in he/she damage meter, it inflicts a large amount of damage. If the oppoenet have over 100% in he/she damage meter, it cause a realistically KO. However, shattering his Heart Crystal leads to his death, Instant-kills yourself.

Character Description

In Lawler-RPG, Devil Steven appear inside Steven's Body, seen he's half dead. Absorbing Icy's DNA inside Steven's heart, Devil Steven became Icy Steven and now control both of thier power. When Steven is asleep or out cold, he can control his body. Icy can't do anything to Devil Steven because she's just a soul. Icy Steven is rising and killed Falco while Amy fell in and facing Balrog.

In the night, after Chapter 11, Icy Steven work with Vegus and contact one of Icy's college friend, Dr. Weird. Devil Steven want Dr. Weird to help him. Along side them are Wesker, Nemesis T-Type, Frieza, Cell, Flandre Scarlet, Remilla Scarlet, and William Dunbar, formelly the Icy Steven Squad. Currently the chapters, he mostly planning on defeating the heroes and killing Stockgil.

In Chapter 15, his clone and William Dunbar fight Future Gohan and others in Willamette Mall along with Frank West and the others.

In Chapter 47, he informed the heroes he owns a Pokemon, Darkrai at the Fucking Colosseum.

In Chapter 48, After the heroes defeated Darkrai in the Fucking Colosseum, Icy Steven became angry at Venis and the heroes before Stockgil came and ambushes him after discover about Stockny's death and imprison Starla. Before Stockgil almost stab Icy Steven, Jedah appears and grab his sword. With two warriors fighting over Starla and avenger their love ones, Jedah teleport the heroes, Icy Steven Squad, and New Order. Now in The Judgement Tower, the two clash sword with Jedah helping Icy Steven, by Vegus' Order, while the heroes deal with the other villains.

When the heroes defeated Stockgil, he admit that his plan was to just live a prefect live with Starla and him. After that, Stockgil got stabbed in the neck by Icy Steven's Ice Shared. By then, he fall down the Judgement Tower. When Starla reach the top, she saw Stockgil's death and completely loses her will to lived after everything she love get killed or became evil. Icy Steven grabbed her in the neck and begin absorb her power, but she froze him hands and free from his power, but ended up killing herself in the process.

After that, Icy Steven when insane before the real Icy came up from his heart over anger at her daughter's death and cause chaos to the world. Steven then chase her throught the frozen mountain. It's then later result in Icy Steven being more strong, as in Jedah's plan.


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