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Imp is a Character From Lawl Orbit


Dropping in: The Imp comes Down from The Zomboss Blimp

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Impkata

The Imp Spins Rapidly Doing Little Non Flinching Damage

Side B - Gravity Grenade

Imp throws a Gravity Grenade trapping all hit in place for 5 Seconds

Up B - Butt Booster

The Imp flies Up with The Booster

Down B - Gravestone

The Imp Hides In a Gravestone Healing 10% every 5 Seconds. The Gravestone has 15 HP

Final Smash - Z-Mech

The Imp Calls The Z-Mech Which Has it's own Moveset

Z-Mech Moveset

Neutral B - Robo-Stomp

Stomps the Ground Dealing Heavy Knockback

Side B - Missle Madness

Sends Missles In Front of the Z-Mech

Up B - Booster Button

Imp Jumps Out of The Z-Mech and Brings it Back after Landing

Down B - Rock Wall

Z-Mech Uses Rock Wall Making Z-Mech Heavier For 10 Seconds

Final Smash - Evacuation

The Imp Evacuates The z-Mech and Blows it Up. Deals Heavy damage if Hit By it.


KOSFX 1: "Brainz?"

KOSFX 2: "Brainz!"

Star KO:  *Yelling*

Screen KO: "Wah!"



Up: The Imp does The Wave With his arms

Side: The Imp Rolls on a Toxic Barrel

Down: The Imp Leans on a Gravestone Before Going Back to Idle Stance and the Gravestone Disappears


Up: The Mech Slowly Moves t's Arm Cannon Up Before Putting it down

Side: The Z-Mech Flails it's Arm Cannon as if it was on Fire

Down: The Z-Mech Sits in a Beach Chair, Taking a "Steve-cation"

Victory Options

1: The Imp Lays on The Z-Mech and Gives a Peace Sign (Referance To The Imp in Battle For Neighborville)

2: The Imp Starts Break Dancing

3: The Imp Raises His Hands in the air

Z-Mech: the Z-Mech Does the Victory Animation From Plants vs Zombies: Heroes

Failure Pose

A Destroyed Z-Mech is Seen

Standard Attacks


Codec Call/Palutena's Guidance


Classic Mode

TBA Until More Lawl Orbit Characters arrive

Extra Stuff

Alternate Costumes

Variants To The Class

Victory Theme

This (Only first Theme)


Z-Mech Factory

  • Normal form is GW2 Z-Mech Factory
  • Omega and Battlefield Forms are Dummy's Room in Battle For Nieghborville


2nd Best Taco of all Time: Heals 50%


Party Time! (Imp)


Imp is The Second Lawl Orbit Character

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