Isaac Clarke
Isaac Clarke
Universe EA Games
Debut Dead Space
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Smash Bros. Kombat
Friends Adam Jensen
Alec Mason
Enemies Pinkie Pie(He think that she a Necromorphs)
Rebecca Chamber
Lawl Team Unknown

Special Moves

Neutral B - Strategic Shot

This move has two stages:

  1. Isaac shoots a stasis shot forwards, freezing an enemy in contact.
  2. After freezing, then he’ll begin charging his Plasma Cutter to blast him.

If immediately fired, you can shoot out the one opponent frozen in stasis. However, Isaac can also freely aim his Plasma Cutter and fire at other opponents. The longer the Cutter is charged, the larger the resulting explosion will be when it is fired.

Side B - Ground Diffractor

Isaac uses an Ground Diffractor that knocks back all nearby enemies. This attack can Meteor Smash a opponent if used in midair to cause good damage reach, or buried them into the ground, rendering them temporarily immobile. If used against opponents on the ground. It can be utilized to break shields.

Up B - Propelling

The move is a very effective recovery move. Although it deals no damage, it can be used, then deactivated for an attack, then reactivated, making it extremely useful for edge guarding. Robo Burner relies on fuel, which automatically charges when Isaac touches the ground, taking about 1.5 seconds to fully charge.

Down B - Detonator

Isaac plants an detonator right below him, exploding whenever someone but Isaac gets near it. Only one Detonator can be placed at once. Pressing B near it gets rid of it as well.

Final Smash - Dead Space

This is one of the most unique and effective final smashes in Smash Bros. Isaac briefly says: "Lights Out" as everyone transports into space. Everyone but Issac will helplessly float as Isaac flies around and shoots at them. There will also be flying debris that enemies can hide behind but there will also be mines that could be used against them. Isaac only KO enemies by shooting them offscreen.




Side Taunt: Menacingly pointing his finger upwards and says, "Lights out!"

Up Taunt: Holds out his hand and activates his waypoint finder.

Down Taunt: Pulls out a foam finger and shoots his opponents with imaginary bullets while making a popping sound with each shot. (The foam finger remains on Isaac's hand until he uses a different gun).

Victories/Lose Pose

Option 1: Isaac turns his head and closes his Plasma Cutter, while saying: "Never underestimate an engineer."

Option 2: Isaac wields his Kinesis while holding the Plasma Cutter in his other hand, also saying: "Heh. Brains over brawn."

Option 3: Isaac while hovering, turns around and flies offscreen, while saying: "Bye Bye."


Other Attacks

Ground Moves

  • Neutral Attack - Plasma Cutter - Just like Mega Man, Isaac's neutral combo does not involve him punching or kicking. Instead, he shoots his plasma cutter three times. He can move while shooting, but unlike Mega Man, he only walks and he can't jump. Although, this move is beneficial in making combos. Each shot does 8% damage.
  • Forward Tilt - Plasma Saw - Swipes his plasma saw in front of the opponent, just like one of his melee moves in the mobile version of Dead Space. This move does 10% of damage.
  • Up Tilt - Hydraulic Eviscerator - Isaac swing his Hydraulic Eviscerator up in the air. Can be chained into an slam attack. The swing does 8% and the slam hitbox does 13% for a total of 21%.
  • Down Tilt - Ground Diffractor - Isaac uses an Ground Diffractor that knocks back all nearby enemies. Deals 8% of damage.
  • Dash Attack - Plasma Cutter Swipe - Isaac swings his plasma cutter right in front of him. 12% damage.
  • Side Smash - Force Gun - Isaac uses his Force Gun as a shotgun: shoots a wide kinetic blast of energy outwards, damaging everything in front of it. The closer an enemy is to this blast, the more damage is caused. It does 12% damage, but as mentioned before, when the enemy is really close from you, this move does 18%.
  • Up Smash - Chain Gun - Isaac uses the chain gun in a similiar fashion to Saus Aran's up smash. He fires lots of rounds odf the gun in an arc above him. 13% damage. Good knockback, long duration.
  • Down Smash - Kinesis Blast - Isaac releases an overcharged burst of kinesis that sends nearby oppenents flying. This move also creates an lighting effect. Does 11-15% damage.
  • Floor Attack (facedown) - Gets up then suwing the plasma saw behind him, then in front of him. Does 6%.
  • Floor Attack (sitting) - Shoots his Plasma Cutter to both sides while getting up. Does 5%.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Plasma Cutter - Same as the ground version.
  • Forward Aerial - Plasma Cutter Swipe - Isaac swings his plasma cutter right in front of him. 12% damage.
  • Back Aerial -Back Plasma Cutter Swipe - Spins and swings his plasma cutter. Very fast start-up with decent reach and knockback. Can WoP at low to mid percentages and KO at very high percentages (but not below 150% outside of edgeguard situations). Does 12%.
  • Up Aerial -Flip Base Shooter- Isaac flips himself backwards, shooting mini-boosters out of his base upwards.
  • Down Aerial - Down Booster Shot - Isaac shoots his boosters down where he was. It's powerful, yet slow. 15% damage.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel -Mini Plasma Cutter Swipe- 3% damage. One of the fastest pummels in the game.
  • All - All of his throws involve him catching his opponents with kinesis, and then throwing them into the selected direction. Does 10% Percent.

Character Description

Isaac Clarke is the main protagonist of the Dead Space series. An ordinary engineer pulled into extraordinary circumstances, Isaac is the sole survivor of the USG Ishimura incident: a mining ship disaster in the far reaches of space that revealed the existence of a monstrous life-after-death infection known as Necromorphs. Isaac's ingenuity and cunning allow him to create improvised tools and weapons from the materials he finds, which may give him the edge he needs to survive in his quest to destroy the Necromorph scourge once and for all.

Classic Mode


Snake Codec


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