Kamen Rider OOO
Kamen Rider OOO
Universe Shonen
Debut Kamen Rider OOO
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Kamen Rider
Kamen Rider W
Kamen Rider Fourze
Japanese Spider-Man
Sandvich33 (his favorite rider)
Enemies Zodiarts
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy



Eiji transforms into OOO with the Tatoba combo.

Greeed Medals

Eiji starts off the match with a stockade of Greeed medals used to activate things related to the dispenser that will dispense candroids and turn into a motorcycle like in the show. He starts off with 100 medals per stock, but can't replenish them over time. However, he emits medals from the opponents with each hit that connects, and it can even go over the starting 100 limit.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Core Medals

A display showing the belt buckle appears over Eiji's head. By using the d-pad, you can change which medals you have, changing the side (slot 1), up (slot 2), and down (slot 3) specials and giving you a special upgrade. You can then press B again to change into the combo organized with the already mentioned d-pad. Press B to change back. Here are the full combos:


Extra jumps

Side B - Phoenix Dash

Eiji goes forward in a scorching fireball. This deals constant damage and minor knockback to any opponent Eiji will come into contact with. If any water hits Eiji as he dashes in a spherical flame, the power and speed are depleted. The more the water, the less the power. With enough water, the dash is cancelled.

Up B - Glide

Eiji gets out his phoenix wings and leaps into the air, with the ability to glide around. As he ascends, he slows down. As he descends, he speeds up. At enough speed, he can become a deadly live bullet, harming anyone who makes direct contact until he slows down. You can press A to slash with your wings and down+A to dive down.

Down B - Fireballs

Eiji does 2 punches, each throwing a fireball. The fireballs do the expected amount of damage done to opponents. They also travel like Luigi's fireballs, but has a longer consistency before fizzling out. Up close, the punches do more damage and knockback than standard punches.


Faster dashing speed

Side B - Tigercycle

Eiji gets on the dispenser motorcycle. It goes faster than the regular dispencycle. Unlike Wario, Eiji won't fall off the motorcycle. The turns are also a lot less hard, thus putting players at less of a risk of falling off the stage, unable to evacuate the vehicle. You can also do a bunny hop while in it, which looks more like a cheetah's pounce. You can tilt up to pop a front wheelie, which will deal slash damage.

Up B - Cheetah Pounce

Eiji does a crouching motion that allows buildup to choose a direction with the analog stick, and will then leap in said chosen direction. If you come into contact with an opponent and then rapidly tap A, you'll do a flurry of claw swipes at the approximate speed of Strider Hiryu slashing his sword, then leaps off in a fashion similar to Capt. Falcon's Falcon Dive.

Down B - Lion Flash

A light shines from Eiji's helmet, which stuns people at mid-range. This is a good way to bring opponents charging forth to an immediately blinding halt. At a 1/8 chance, this will also manage to reverse the controls for a brief 15 seconds of combat. This also works on those that manage to spot dodge the flash.


Higher jump height

Side B - Mantis Scratcher

Eiji swipes his mantis blades forward as he runs. The way he slashes the blades is similar to how Serph slashes his arm blades in his Varuna form. If this is performed while in the air, he will manage to dive down and repeatedly slash his mantis arms.

Up B - Grasshopper Jump

Eiji's legs turn into grasshopper legs and he leaps in any direction chosen with the analog stick. In the air, he bizarrely uses the air to leap in the direction chosen with the analog stick. You can also leap off walls and ceilings with this move, whether or not you're in the Gatakiriba combo.

Down B - Insect Spin

Eiji spins with his mantis blades and can move side to side like Donkey Kong's up special. It does as much damage at Luigi's fists during the Luigi Cyclone with minor knockback. If you use this while in the air, you will manage to hover like in most Mario games that include the spin.


Longer swim time

Side B - Aqua Whip

Eiji swings a tentacle forth. It shall give the opponent that comes into direct contact with it a nasty electric shock that shall last a quick 7 seconds. You can angle the whip up or down with the analog stick. If it hits a pool/puddle of water, it'll manage to temporarily conduct some electricity to anyone that'll come into direct contact with the water that's electrocuted. This especially works on the normal swimming water. You can also use this move to grapple to an edge.

Up B - Waterfall

Eiji conducts a waterfall that'll manage to elevate him for 9 seconds. It goes upward more than Squirtle's Waterfall in SSBB, whilst also doing multiple hits with little knockback. At the final second, the waterfall bursts, which has more power to quench one's thirst for the kill. This makes it perfect for surprise KOs at the end of a high-altitude juggling.

Down B - Shockwave

Eiji forems a pair of tentacles with his arms and jabs them into the ground. Anyone in mid-range will be stunned for 7 seconds. The range measures the distance an opponent is at to get gunned down by the Engineer's level 1 sentry gun. In the air, Eiji will just conduct some electricity that makes his entire body deadly upon direct contact for 3 seconds.


More strength and defense

Side B - 2-Fist Punch

Eiji curls up both his hands and then shoves them forth. If you manage to hold B while performing this, Eiji will perform a combo of punches that will manage to break apart someone's shield, yet will only do half as much as the Falcon Punch. His head is a deadly spike trap as he punches forth, but his back remains vulnerable. If you time the first 2-fisted jab, you can deflect projectiles at twice the speed, but at the same amount of damage and knockback.

Up B - Earthquake Stomp

Eiji stomps into the ground, causing the area to quake. Anyone mid-range is stunned and anyone running towards the mid-range point will trip over. The range measures out the same as the Shauta shockwave. If you use this move in the air, he'll leap upward in a basic fashion, but 75% as high as the Falcon Dive. If you do this while using someone as a footstool, you'll do a meteor smash. The same effects that happen on land will occur when you do this on a wall.

Down B - Headbutt

Using his horn, Eiji launches an opponent in the same range as performing standard melee attacks forward. The closer he/she is, the higher the impact. If you manage to tilt up while doing the headbutt, Eiji will launch the opponent that has made direct contact upward with the use of his silver horn.

Side B - Dispencycle

A dispenser appears in front of Eiji. Pressing A inserts a Greeed medal (or a coin in coinfests), which turns the dispenser into a motorbike. Pressing A again makes him get on the motorcycle. It has similar properties to Carlos Trejo's el amor de vida, except you can actually jump out of the motorcycle. Bizarrely despite the fact that you can manually exit the seat of the motorbike, opponents can't easily knock you off it. Upon pressing B, you'll slash anyone overhead with the sword.

Up B - Grasshopper Leap

Eiji's legs turn into grasshopper legs and there is a buildup that gives you time to choose a direction. This has similar functions in the air. If you manage to use anyone as a footstool during this move, you'll do a meteor smash that won't really manage to put them in the footstool animation, making Eiji seem less broken than somewhat expected.

Down B - Candroid

The dispenser appears again. Pressing A inserts a Greeed medal, which'll then dispense a candroid. There are 3 cans that can (no pun intended) be dispensed:

  • Eagle - pecks at the opponent it runs into.
  • Squid - hits opponents with its spinning tentacles and squirts ink clouds, giving damage from inhaling the inky fumes
  • Grasshopper - jumps on opponents' heads and bumps into them

Final Smash - Triple Scanning Charge

In the Tatoba form, Eiji first does a Rider Kick, which shall first stun the opponents in the area (the distance reached is half of Final Destination) in an explosion. He then inserts 3 greed medals into his sword and runs his scanner through them. The random voice will then shout "Triple Scanning Charge" and then the slot display will start glowing. He then does a downward slash and then the background shifts half and half. After it shifts back into place, the opponents explode into the sky.


KOSFX1: "Ah!"

KOSFX2: "Oh, no!"

Star KOSFX: "Tomorrow is burnt!"

Screen KOSFX: "Ow!"


Up: "As long as you have a fresh pair of underwear, you'll never die."

Sd: has some ice cream with Ankh

Dn: *laughs*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "Sorry about that!" *holds out a pair of underwear* "Here! It's a little big, though!"

2. *does the victory animation from Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes*

3. *celebrates with a birthday cake from Kousei Kougami*

Failure/Clap: Tommorow's burnt

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


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Victory Theme

Kamen Rider OOO - Anything Goes!


Core Medals


International Cuisine Restaurant Cous Coussier


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