Universe Sony
Debut Gravity Rush(2012)
Appears in Smash Brothers Elite
Lawl with Garterbelt 2 (DLC)
Friends Raven
Amy Rose
Enemies Emmett Graves
Lawl Team Team Elite/Garterbelt 2

Special Moves

Neutral B - Gravity Attract

Tap B to attract, and the second Tap to repels. The first waves attract character and projectiles. Touching the hoop suffer what you saw. Pressing any button will release the repelling waves earlier.

Side B - Spiraling Claw

Kat pauses for a split second before dashing a short distance forwards. If you hits an enemy, Kat proceeds a Somersault Kick , which pops opponents up into the air with below-average knockback. If you miss during the dash, you will falls down and is easily punished - or even worse, if you are on an edge, you will immediately becomes helpless and is very likely to self-destruct.

Up B - Gravity Shift

Kat shift the gravity in her different directions. You gains the ability to fly for approximately 3 seconds. During flight, you can move in any direction using the direction.

Down B - Piercing Heel

Kat summon three around her. You can move and jump freely. The pots both act to defensive and offensive. They protect you from any dashing attack. An pot can be tossed horizontally by pressing the A button or vertically by pointing the control stick up. Pushing the B button tosses all of the pots horizontally. The pots can also fo away when you can damaged or when all three pots are tossed.

Final Smash - Gravity Panther

Kat fused herself with Dusty, and transforms into a panther-like creature. She attacks by slashing with claws and create a gravitational vortex. She is also able to freely fly around the stage, even to the point of flying off-screen.

Panther Slash - Kat will infinite claw the opponents.

Panther Leap - Kat dashing a long distance forwards and perform to bite anything in it way.

Gravity Dash - Kat fly to the air claw upwards (With infinite B flaps)

Micro Black Hole - Kat created a small black hole that hit both side at the same time.

During this final smash, you are invincible for 20 seconds or by getting KO'ed.

Character Description

Unsure of where she comes from or how she got her fantastic ability to control gravity, Kat embarks on a quest to save the people of Hekseville from the invading Nevi. Accompanied by her feline companion, Dusty, she aids those in need while searching for answers to her mysterious origins, all the while gaining confidence in her powers.


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