Kid Goku
Serious Goku.jpg
Universe Shonen Jump
Debut Dragon Ball
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Krillin,Master Roshi,Bulma,Oolong,Yamcha
Enemies Emperor Pilaf,Commander Red,King Piccolo
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl


Nimbus Cloud

Goku flies onto the stage on his flying cloud, Nimbus and jumps off.

Special Moves

Neutral Special - Kamehameha

Goku will cup his hands to the side of his body and start gathering his ki into his hands. The more he charges, the larger a blue ball will appear in his hands. It takes 10 seconds to fully charge the attack. When the button is released, Goku will fire a Kamehameha that will travel between just barely in front of him and the length of five Stage Builder blocks, depending on how much it is charged. If left uncharged, it will only deal 1% damage, with an extra 2% for every second charged. The knockback ranges from almost nothing to being sent the length of Battlefield depending on how long it is charged. After seven seconds of charging, Goku will gain 1% damage every second until he performs the attack. If charged for the whole ten seconds, Goku will stop for three seconds to breathe heavily and wipe the sweat from his forehead.

Side Special - Rock, Scissors 'N' Paper

Goku will shake his fist behind his back for a second and then thrust it forward, randomly performing one of the three moves from Rock-Paper-Scissors. If he uses scissors, Goku will thrust two fingers forward and deal 7% damage to the opponent. The hit will also stun the opponent for two seconds. If he chooses paper, Goku thrust his open hand forward, dealing 12% damage and sending the opponent flying back the distance of a Battlefield platform at lower percentages and can possibly knock them out of the stage at around 50%. If he chooses rock, Goku thrusts his fist forward, dealing 18% damage, but stunning or sending the opponent away less than the other two.

Up Special - Afterimage Technique

Goku fades away and a second later, reappears in the air. He will go up as high as five Stage Builder blocks. By tilting the control stick, Goku will reappear further in the direction, but his horizontal movement is limited to around the distance of one and a half Stage Builder blocks. If Goku s attacked while he is fading, he will instead reappear behind the opponent and kick them away for 10% damage. The attack will send them the length of two Stage Bulder blocks.

Down Special - Solar Flare

Goku will spread his fingers out across his face and a flash of extremely bright light will surround him, the light is half the size of a Smart Bomb explosion. Anyone caught in the flash will be stunned for two seconds as they rub their eyes, blinded. This gives Goku the chance to attack whoever he blinded. However, it will take Goku two seconds to perform the technique.

Final Smash - Great Ape

A full moon appears in the background of the stage. Goku will jump off-screen and transforms into a Great Ape, a giant monkey that appears from the waist up in the background of the stage. Goku has two options in this form. Pressing the Attack button will have him thrash his arms onto the stage who ever gets hit by his arms will suffer 15% damage and large knockback. This lasts 10 seconds for Goku returns to his normal form. Pressing the Special button will make Goku fire a large beam from his mouth that he can aim. The beam lasts for five seconds and anyone who is caught by the beam will suffer 10% damage for every second they are trapped in the beam. After the five seconds, Goku will return to normal.


KO 1: "Ouch my head!"

KO 2: "Hey!"

Star KO: "*Screams*"

Screen KO: "No..."


Up Taunt: Goku twirls the Power Pole above his head and then points it forward.

Side Taunt: Goku's stomach rumbles. He then rubs it, commenting on how hungry he is.

Down Taunt: Goku holds the Power Pole to his side, planting it on the ground.

Victory/Lose Pose

Victory 1: Jumping, happy

Victory 2: Two fingers says peace

Victory 3: "*Laughs*"

Lose: Gets dizzy swirl eyes

Character Description

Son Goku is young boy with a tail raised solely by his late adoptive grandfather, Son Gohan. Gohan found Goku alone in a spaceship in the middle of the woods when he was a baby and raised him as his own until one night when Goku looked at the full moon. After transorming into an Oozaru and crushing Son Gohan to death, Goku is alone for a few ears and comes to believe that his last possession, an orange orb with four red stars on it, contains his soul. Due to this, Goku grows up to a wild but naive child, who has no understanding of many things, including the difference between men and women. After meeting a young woman called Bulma after hunting for breakfast, he learns that the orb is a Dragon Ball, his being the Sushinchu (Four-Star Ball). Gathering all seven Dragon Balls would result in a wish being granted from the Dragon God, Shenlong. Goku agrees to help Bulma and they set off on a journey that eventually results in the whole Planet Earth and even the entire universe being saved and the defeat of many evil armies, aliens, demons and space pirates.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- Eight-Arm Fist: Goku punches with his right arm, then kicks with his left leg. If rapidly pressed, Goku will rapidly punch at the enemy, punching fast enough that it creates the illusion that he has eight arms.
  • Dash Attack- Tornado!: Goku will spin rapidly like a spinning top, traveling the distance of two Stage Builder blocks. He can hit up to three times for 3% damage each.
  • Side Tilt- Roundhouse: Goku will perform a roundhouse kick.
  • Up Tilt- Upward Kick: Goku will kick upwards.
  • Down Tilt- Tail Attack: Goku will swing his tail along the ground.


  • Side Smash - Power Pole Extend!: Goku will point the Power Pole forward and extend it between the lengths of one and four Stage Builder blocks, depending on how long it is charged.
  • Up Smash - Power Pole Lift: Goku will extend his Power Pole into the ground, lifting Goku up into the air. Anyone who touches Goku will suffer between 3% and 10% damage depending on how long the attack has been changed. Goku will be lifted up between the heights of two and five Stage Builder blocks.
  • Down Smash - Power Pole Double Extend!: Goku will crouch and lift the Power Pole above his head before extending in the both directions between the lengths of one and two and a half Stage Builder blocks.


  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Ground attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab - Standard Grab: Goku reaches out and grabs his opponent.
  • Pummel - Foot Tap: Goku will kick the opponent in the leg.
  • Forward Throw - Thrust Punch: Goku will punch the opponent away.
  • Back Throw - Dragon Throw: Goku will spin the opponent by their leg and throw them in the other direction.
  • Up Throw - Power Pole Carry: Goku will extend the Power Pole underneath the opponent, carrying them into the air.
  • Down - Tail Trip: Goku trips the opponent with his tail.


  • Neutral Air - Tail Swing: Goku will swing his tail behind himself.
  • Forward Air - Power Pole Swing: Goku will extend the Power Pole to the length of two Stage Builder blocks swing it downwards.
  • Back Air - Power Pole Defend: Goku will extend the Power Pole diagonally downwards behind himself to the length of three Stage Builder blocks.
  • Up Air - Swift Kick: Goku will swing his foot upwards, delivering a powerful kick that sends opponents flying upwards.
  • Down Air - Double Axe Handle: Goku will bring both of his fists downwards, spiking the opponent to the ground.

Snake Codec

Role In The Subspace Emmisary


Colors & Costumes


  • Ninja costume (Given to Goku by Shu during the Training on the Road Saga)
  • Winter Costume (Given to Goku by Suno so he can survive the cold and defeat General White during the Red Ribbon Army Saga)
  • Blue costume (The outfit Goku wears when Bulma first meets him on Mount Paozu)
  • Oolong's pants (Oolong's pants that he lends to Goku after he rips his clothes after turning into a Great Ape)
  • Purple costume (???)
  • Path to Power costume (The outfit Goku wears in the movie Dragon Ball: The Path to Power)
  • Shirtless (Goku without a shirt)
  • Turtle shell (A weighted shell Master Roshi uses to train his students that can increase jump height)
  • Naked (As Goku is a child he has no issues stripping down naked, which he does here in this alt)


  • Despite being the main character, Goku has only officially won one World Martial Arts Tournament, and that was the 23rd against Piccolo.
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