King Boo Is  A Fighter in Lawl Orbit


Don't Blink

King Boo Shows From a Monitor

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Spiked Ball

King Boo Sends a Spiked Ball, Holding Down B Sends it From the Sky Dealing More Damage

Side B - Slots

King Boo Pulls a Slot Machine Out And A Hot Pepper Fires Forward If King boo Eats It He Gets The Curry Effect, If An Opponent Eats It They Take Fire Damage

Up B - You Can't See Me!

King boo Turns Invisible for 3 Seconds And can Fly Anywhere He Wants With Super Armor

Down B - Lightning Floor

King Boo Shocks The Ground In Front Of Him

Final Smash - Picture Perfect

King Boo Throws A Painting to The Ground Anyone Hit Is Trapped Into It And stuck as An Item for 20 Seconds


KOSFX 1: King Boo sounds Annoyed

KOSFX 2: King Boo sounds Surprised

Star KO: King Boo Yells in Anger

Screen KO: King Boo Laughs At the Screen


Up: King Boo Laughs

Side: King boo Stares at the Screen

Down: King Boo Throws a Gem (Deals 1%)

Victory Options

Failure Pose

240px-LM-Ltelesa tere tuibi
King Boo Trophy


Standard Attacks

Jabs: King Boo Punches

Tilts: King Boo Sends Lightning

Smash Attacks: A Spiked Ball Hits In the Direction Used

Codec Call/Palutena's Guidance

Codec Call

Snake: Colonel... Who is This?

Colonel: This is King Boo. The Terrorizer of The Mushroom Kingdom

Snake: He Loo-

King Boo Laughs As The Codec Opens and Closes Repeatedly

  • End Of Call*

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Who's This?

Palutena: This Is King Boo, The King Of The Boos.

Viridi: I Think We Get It,

Pit: So.. What Does He do?

Viridi: He Does Usual King Stuff... Like Trapping His Enemies In Portraits.

Pit: Huh?

Palutena: He Did This To Mario. Good thing Luigi Was There.

Pit: Is Anyone Else Cold?

  • End Of Guidance*

Classic Mode

Rival 1:Mario

Rival 2: Luigi

Boss: Giga Bowser

Extra Stuff

Alternate Costumes

Dark Moon Appearance

Luigi's Mansion 1 Appearance

Black Instead of White (Dark Boo)

No Crown (Big Boo)

Victory Theme

Good Night




Poltergust: Draws Opponents Closer


Battle With King Boo


This is The Tenth Lawl Orbit Character

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