The Smartest Member of the Saints
The Smartest Member of the Saints
Universe Deep Silver
Debut Saints Row IV
Appears in Lawl with Gaterbelt (Announcer)
Friends Johnny Gat
Amy Rose
Cosmo the Seedrian
Enemies Zinyak
Lawl Team Team Lawl with Gaterbelt

Kinzie is the 6th narrator in Lawl with Gaterbelt. She is famous for Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV as the Player Helper. She's consider to be: The Smart One


Character Readings (Lawl with Gaterbelt)

Character Readings (Original)

Classic Quotes

Battle Intros-

  • TBA

Battle Outros-

  • TBA

V.S. God-

  • "Now it a Good Time to Say Your Goodbyes"
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