Lady Bow
Lady bow by tikitybuu-d54gexb
Universe Nintendo
Debut Paper Mario
Appears in Smash Bros. Brawlorrhea
Friends Paper Mario (of course)
Luigi (Luigi's Mansion)
Slenderman (possibly)
Castle Cat (possible BF)
Enemies King Boo (possibly)
Dark Bowser
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Brawlorrhea



Lady Bow fades in and prepares for battle.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Smack

Lady Bow gives the opponent a smack. This can at first be charged up. When you release B, you can suck in your opponent with your smacks, but you only have 3 seconds to release B. No matter how long you charge it up, the smacks deal the same amount of damage.

Side B - Outta Sight

Lady Bow turns invisible like most Boos (at least when spotted). While you're invisible, all kinds of attacks phase through you. This invisibility method will last for 2 seconds (or ends when you release B early). You can also make one of your teammates invisible, but only at a limited distance from Bow's stubby little hand.

Up B - Ghostly Charge

Lady Bow covers up her face and glows blue, as indication of a buildup. Said buildup gives you time to choose a direction she'll charge forth in. Basically, it's like Fox's Firefox, mostly.

Down B - Fan

Lady Bow gets out her fan. When it's equipped, she's unable to double jump or turn in the other direction. Pressing B will make her do a more powerful smack with the fan. Also, the hitbox is extended for further distance of the fan.

Final Smash - Spook

Lady Bow covers up her face and glows white. She then uncovers it, grows twice her size, and shows everyone her scary face, all at once. This can knock away those nearby and make those far away dizzy.


KOSFX1: "Aaah!"

KOSFX2: "Aah!"

Star KOSFX: *wails*

Screen KOSFX: "Ow!"


Up: *laughs like a Boo with her fan out*

Sd: *fans herself*

Dn: does a loop and then goes "Yah!" in a Boo-like fashion

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. does a higher-pitched Boo laugh at the losers

2. draws her fan and then swishes it down as if she's banging someone on the head with it (don't go too deep into that)

3. looks left and right, then looks at the screen and hides herself

Failure/Clap: Goes dizzy

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode


Role in SSE





  • This is where 704712 (or Jonathan Lowrie as he's known by on Facebook) really improved on his work.


Smash bros Blaw Character Moveset - Lady Bow

Smash bros Blaw Character Moveset - Lady Bow

A moveset that will "haunt" you.

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