Earl of Lemongrab
Universe Cartoon Network
Debut Adventure Time
Appears in Lawl of the Dead
Friends Princess Bubblegum (creator)
Finn & Jake
Steven Star
Naoto Shirogae
Geo Dampierre "Le Bello"
Irate Gamer (in TKEAxTFS)
Enemies Jon Watson
Bandana Dee
Joseph de Francis
Benthelooney (Ben called him bug-eyes looking)
Finn & Jake (sometimes)
Princess Bubblegum (sometimes)
Amy Rose
Chaotic the Hedgehog
Nostalgia Critic
Patrick Star
Ishamie Tarker
Multi HMX-12
Sayaka Miki
Wander (the AWFY version at least)<be>MoBrosStudios
Lawl Team Team of the Dead


Lemon Camel

Lemongrab rides into the battlefield on the Lemon Camel

Juice (Lawl of the Dead)

Lemongrab's player display shows his face reflecting his pain, which gradually becomes redder and angrier. This limits some specials to cease spam and since Lemongrab is emotionally unstable. Juice increases if he were to receive damage, be annoyed, or scream.

Special Attacks

Lawl of the Dead

Neutral B - Sound Sword

Lemongrab uses his Sound Sword to hit opponents. It doesn't require juice, but it needs charging. The more you charge it up, the more powerful the sound is. The biggger and heavier get less knockback but more damage. You can also blow up objects, traps, and ice with loud sound waves.

Side B - Lemonjons

Lemongrab generates candy, which uses 10% juice, then he throws it, sending it TO THE DUNGEON. A successful hit causes stun, even if it's in the air. How much depends on the juice, and characters who are TOO YOUNG are more vulnerable. Don't use up all your juice with this, or your head explodes. If you have any lives left, a pawlette swap, like Lemongrab 2, takes your place.


Lemongrab squeezes his head, letting the juice spill upward. You can point it at opponents for pain, at the floor for slip traps, or in the air for impulse. Only Lemongrab can drink the juice to recover it. In the air, you use your head to fly, which is UNACCEPTABLE!

Down B - Lemon People

Lemongrab uses all his juice to create life.

  • 20% - A standard lemon person who only walks and has low stamina like a Waddle Dee
  • 40% - Lemon Head, who stays in place and screams, which hurts non-lemons
  • 60% - Lemonhope, who follows Lemongrab and plays the harp when he attacks, putting people to sleep and angering Lemongrab, increasing his juice (doesn't affect its life)
  • 80% - Lemon Pegasus, who allows for phearphul infinite jumps until its untimely demise
  • 100% - Lemongrab 2, who is basically an edible Ice Climber; eating him weakens him while healing you in the process; the second bite turns him into a usable platform with his ship, which you can use to fly in a slower version of the Magnetomobile; final bite makes Lemongrab fat and with 100% juice; it's a limited superform that slowly drains juice and returns you to your original state when you're all tapped out (he won't explode, though)

Final Smash - THINGS in my EARS!

Lemongrab becomes fat and sends everyone to the dungeon. Thus, the lemon people rebel and Lemongrab as Lemonhope plays the harp until his dictator blows up.Stunned fighters take more damage if they are closer to the explosion, and more knockback if they are far from it. After that, some secret formula to create candy life falls over where Lemongrab was and reanimates him.

Lawl X

Neutral B - Sound Sword

Lemongrab attacks with his Sound Sword, shooting a short-ranged beam that does more damage the closer you are to Lemongrab. You can hold it for 5 seconds, but go beyond that and it goes kablooie.

Side B - Life Formula

Lemongrab uses his life form to bring inanimate objects to life. Items will attack the opponents for Lemongrab. They're as strong as story mode enemies, but some are stronger than others depending on the item you animate. The weakest is usually the foods while the strongest is the Smash Ball.

Up B - Lemon Juice

Lemongrab goes upward with his JUICES! Anyone hit by them is blinded (control-reversed) for 3 seconds. It also leaves behind slip traps.


Lemongrab mans a control panel with a metal plate in front of it. Reinput activates the plate, electrocuting anyone who stands on it. You can use this thrice in a row before it goes away, allowing you to relocate the plate.


Lemongrab shouts this word, resulting in two sound waves that can kill opponents over 50%, otherwise nothing happens. This also diables opponents' effects caused by specials and traps (Ex: Marik's Steve contract).


Lawl of the Dead

KOSFX1: *screams*

KOSFX2: "Wh-wh-what the hey?"

Star KOSFX: *screams louder*


Lawl X

KOSFX1: "Ooooooooohhhhhh!"

KOSFX2: "It's grooooooss!"


Screen KOSFX: "Wh-wh-what the hey?"


Lawl of the Dead

Up: "You need reconditioning!" (second time) "RECONDITIOOOOOOOON!" (increases juice)

Sd: "It's grooooooss!"

Dn: *opens his jaw*

Lawl X


Sd: "You serve no function. You must be destroyed."

Dn: "12 years dungeon. All of you."

`Victory/Lose Pose

Lawl of the Dead

1. "Unacceptable condition! UNACCEPTABLE!"


3. "Hoooow are you today? Hmm, I see."

Failure/Clap: Good one!

Lawl X

1. "Acceptable."

2. "Fine, don't follow me."

3. "Yo, yo. It's great."

Failure/Clap: Sour misery

Standard Attacks


Grump Codec

Danny Sexbang: "Arin, there's a giant lemon screaming at us."

Egoraptor: "That's Lemongrab. He's......a lot of things."

Danny Sexbang: "Like what?"

Egoraptor: "Well, he owns his kingdom full of other screaming monstrosities."

Danny Sexbang: "Fantastic. Let's make sure to never go there."

Egoraptor: "Just be careful not to get too close because this guy can really fuck with your senses."

Danny Sexbang: "Close? I'm already getting deaf just sitting here!"

Egoraptor: "Yeah...but you know what I mean."

Retropokon Discussion

Nostalgia Skapokon: "Hi, I'm Skapokon and this is Retropokon, your gaming time machine. The Earl of Lemongrab is here, I said his name in English because fights about dubs are UNACCEPTABLE! Like his namesake, Lemongrab is a lemon. He was created by the princess of the Ooo Kingdom to substitute her if something bad happened. The result was...bitter. Being a lemon, he's made of juice, which can't be drunk. His juice is used for plents of abilities like directly throwing it, improving the Sound Sword, and even making lemon minions. Be careful because he explodes if the juice ends! Just as Jameson predicted! It wasn't like this with Lemon Emon."

Character Description


Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps

  • Lemongrab
  • Lemongrab 2

Victory Theme

Adventure Time Theme Song


Land of Ooo - Castle Lemongrab


Sound Sword

Cipher's Nightmare

Fat Lemongrab

Stracomb Vehicle

Lemon Camel




Lemongrab Moveset - Lawl of the Dead-0

Lemongrab Moveset - Lawl of the Dead-0


Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Lemongrab

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Lemongrab


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