Leon S. Kennedy
Universe Capcom
Debut Resident Evil
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Friends Chris Redfield
Jill Valentine
Enemies Albert Wesker
Rick Grimes (In Uber Rap Battles Of Fiction)
Lawl Team Team Elite


Not Again...

A brown door slowly opens and Leon steps out of it, assuming his idle stance and making the door vanish. This is a reference to the famous door cutscenes from the Resident Evil series.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Throwing Knife

Leon will hold his knife in a ready position while the button is held, allowing the player to choose an angle. The player can choose one of 12 directions, and Leon will throw the knife in whichever chosen direction. The knife is subject to gravity, and will arc downwards from wherever it’s thrown.

Side B - Tackle

Leon dives forward with a shoulder-bash (Going about the same distance as the visuals of Lucario’s Force Palm), and will knock enemies to the ground. The attack works as a command grab, and leaves enemies on the floor. When missed, Leon will take a moment to get back up off the ground. Using this attack in the air will still floor grounded opponents but will just send aerial opponents flying forward, and Leon also goes a much further distance (about the same as a Pac-Man’s uncharged Power Pellet). Leon is left helpless after this attack, but will still grab ledges. Leon is given Super Armor during his descent, which ends just before he hits the ground.

Up B - Buckshot Upper

Leon equips his shotgun, and then leaps into the air (About the same height as Ness’ second jump). At any time during the leap, Leon can take one of three actions that will all leave him helpless in mid-air, but still able to grab ledges.

Down B - First Aid Spray

Leon crouches to the ground, and begins to administer First Aid Spray around his body. Leon can cancel the attack by rolling or being hit, and it leaves him helpless when used in the air. After being used, he will be unable to use it for about 15 seconds.

Final Smash – The Mercenaries

After breaking the Smash Ball, pressing the Special Attack button will make Leon fire a bright red flare into the air whilst yelling “You’re going down!”, and the mysterious agent Ada Wong appears in the background of the stage on a helicopter. She will fire six rockets at the opponents that are closest to Leon, before flying upwards and away, returning the battle to normal.


KOSFX1: “Son of a..”



Screen KOSFX:


Up: Leon pulls out his communicator, and attempts to make contact. A faint static is heard, and Leon says “Story of my life.”

If the button is held, a famous conversation from Resident Evil 4 will occur instead. Salazar will be heard saying “I have sent my right hand to dispose of you.”, to which Leon will respond “Your right hand comes off?”. This is the longest taunt in the game, and cannot be cancelled.

Sd: Leon drops the clip from his handgun and loads in a new one, refilling his handgun’s ammunition. During this, Leon says “Better try a new trick, ’cause that one’s gettin’ old.”

Dn: Leon opens his shotgun and empties the barrel, then he loads in 6 more shots, refilling his shotgun’s ammunition. While reloading, Leon says “Hasta Luego”

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: Leon spins his pistol in his hand, and puts it in his holster. Leon says “Game Over”.

Victory 2: Leon is typing on a typewriter, a reference to the saving system in Resident Evil 4.

Victory 3: Leon spins his knife between his fingers, and throws it to the left of the screen. Leon says “No thanks, bro”.


Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo- Leon slashes his knife horizontally, then diagonally and elbows the opponent in the face.
  • Dash Attack- Leon does an evasive dive, which can go under mid-height projectiles.

Tilt Attacks

  • Side- Leon does the famous roundhouse kick from Resident Evil 4.
  • Up- Leon does an overhead strike similar to the Mii Brawler’s Headache Maker, and can spike opponents.
  • Down- Leon does a lowkick, and will send enemies at a dirty angle.


  • Side- Leon equips his shotgun, and lines up his shot when charging. When released, Leon will quickly fire, cock the gun, and fire a second time in a single swift movement. The first shot is angled slightly upwards, and can hit aerial opponents, the second shot is horizontal and has a slightly larger range.
  • Up- Leon equips his shotgun, and aims directly upwards. When released, he fires a single shot that has very good range and is an incredible anti-air.
  • Down- Leon aims his handgun at the ground directly in front of himself while charging, and will fire 3 shots when released. All of the shots hit the same place, but get progressively stronger.


  • N-Air - Leon swings his knife forward from his waist to his shoulders in an arc, and will propel Leon forward a bit.
  • F-Air - Leon does a shoulder-bash, and gains a few frames of Super Armor.
  • B-Air - Leon’s famous backward aerial roundhouse kick.
  • U-Air - Leon equips his shotgun, and fires a single shot directly upward.
  • D-Air - Leon pauses in mid-air, and fires a single shot from his handgun downwards.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Leon grabs his opponent by the collar, and aims his handgun at the opponent’s head, yelling “Freeze”.
  • Pummel- Leon bashes the butt of his handgun against the opponent’s head.
  • Forward- Leon pushes the opponent away and then jump-kicks them in the head, sending them flying away.
  • Back- Leon grabs the opponent by the arm, ducks, and spins them around, throwing the opponent into the ground behind himself.
  • Up- Leon grabs the opponent by the shoulders and suplexes them over himself, smashing their head into the stage. Hitting the ground sends them flying upwards behind Leon.
  • Down- Leon trips the opponent and then fires a shot from his handgun at their head, sending them flying upwards in front of Leon.


  • Ledge attack: Leon gets up onto the stage, and swings his knife horizontally.
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Front attack: Leon swipes his knife directly in front of himself, and kicks backwards.
  • Back attack: Leon does a sweeping spin-kick, and gets back up.
  • Trip attack: Leon slashes his knife twice, once on both sides.

Pros & Cons





Victory Music


Kirby Hat

A blonde haircut, exactly the same as Leon's

Exclusive stickers





Wiimote Sound


Classic Mode


Easter Eggs

Snake Codec


Daily Buglin'


Palutena's Guidance


Role In SSE



Colors & Costumes


  • Insert One
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