This Moveset Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously


Better Then The Rest of Them, The Best of Them!

A Boombox Appears, Playing Knuckles' Theme. Followed By Luigi The Thunder Master Kicking it.


Neutral B - And For His Neutral Special...

Luigi Fires a Gun. Works Identical To Joker's.

Side B - Lazas!

A Slow To Charge Lazer. Deals High Damage.

Up B - Thunder and Lightning

Literally Just Pikachu's Volt Tackle

Down B - Text

Text is Written on Screen, Trapping Hit Foes in Place For 3 Seconds.

Final Smash - [FATAL ERROR]

Error Messages Fill The Screen, Slowing Down Whoever Hit.


1: "Jackass!"

2: "Oh My God!"


Screen: "Fuck!"


Up: A Mario Emoticon is Thrown in the Air

Sd: A Box Traps The User For a Second

Dn: Random Explosion = Funny Right?

Victory Option

1: The Screen Turns Off

2: Luigi Tips His Hat

3: Do a Barrel Roll!

Failure Pose

A Shrug

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