MC Dinero
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Universe YouTube
Debut El mundo se consume en dinero!
Appears in Aitor Molina's Smash Bros. Lawl
Friends MC Don Cangrejo
Enemies Epic Gamer (rival)
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Aitor Molina



MC Dinero steps out a Spanish shop and onto the battlefield with a tortilla, able to be eaten by anyone, which is useless starting out, but he can throw it, and he'll get back a tortilla after being KO'd.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Money Rap

MC Dinero does his famous money rap. It works like Hitler's Angry Rants, but he throws money like Meowth. The coins deal damage, and Epic Gamer is able to pile up said coinage. And of course, the bigger the charge, the more money thrown.

Side B - I am the Spanish monarchy

MC Dinero dubs anyone nearby able to speak Spanish a monarch. With that, the monarchs dubbed deal half as much damage to MC Dinero, but they are compensated with one coin per second. These coins are able to be used as projectiles, barricades for pilers, higher likelihoods of victory in Coinfests, or for the modes that involve these coins (Coin Launcher or shop). It won't work on those illiterate, Spanish-wise. Do this a second time on them and he'll take a selfie with them, entertaining the characters as a means of escape or open offense. To revoke anyone's monarch-ship, do the move with no one around.

Up B - Private Jet

MC Dinero becomes his rival(MC Don Cangrejo)'s private jet. It works like King Harkinian's SQUADALA where he flies around and harms people along his merry way. However, you are only able to fly for as many coins you've produced before. As you fly, you're also able to bomb opponents with coins, not having any effects take place until the next jet transformation. Be cautious since you've no visible amount of coinage. If you become a jet while plumb broke, you won't turn back until MC Don Cangrejo finishes rapping or someone attacks you.

Down B - No Mistakes

After a close offensive, MC Dinero repeats the amount of damage done to whom he's hit for as long as he/she is nearby. But spamming it results in him adding random words that'll do nowt but delay the move.

Final Smash - When Darude isn't Sandstorm

The stage becomes...the When Darude isn't Sandstorm video, and money falls onto all but MC Dinero. It obviously hurts, and can be piled upon hitting the ground. These affect MC Dinero's Private Jet, and rich characters can swim on them. After a while, the stage is normal again.


KOSFX1: "Dinero..."

KOSFX2: *indistinct due to Dross's scream*

Star KOSFX: "Mal, mal madre--"

Screen KOSFX: *Spanish*


Up: "My mother levitates."

Sd: "My attacks at ease of money!"

Dn: "What the hell is happening?"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *raps somewhere alley?*

2. "La mana qui a es facil." *repeatedly*

3. *raps with a tortilla in hand*

Failure/Clap: Head down

Standard Attacks


Nostalgia Skapokon Analysis

Nostalgia Skapokon: "Hi, I'm Skapokon, and..."

Sir Pokon: "Excuse me, Skapokon."

Nostalgia Skapokon: "Oh no, it's you."

Sir Pokon: "Allow me to introduce myself. Good evening, gentlemen. I'm Sir Pokon de Joy. Today, I will talk about this young rapper. His name is MC Money. As you probably know, he makes raps about money. Even when rap is too low-class for my taste. I like to hear this boy's."

Nostalgia Skapokon: "But rapping about money won't help him win, right?"

Sir Pokon: "Incorrect. His songs let him use the money as a lightning bruiser, or to call his rich friend and fly in his private jet. Of course, he isn't as rich as me. He can even reign over Spanish characters, so he has an advantage over you."

Nostalgia Skapokon: "Okay, I will be careful. But letting you interrupt my analysis has been a big mistake."

MC Dinero: *raps something*

Character Description


Classic Mode





  • This introduces the Retropokon robots that will disrupt NS's analysis.
    • Sir Pokon - Fanmade characters and rich characters
    • Wai - Joke characters and movesets


Smash Bros Moveset - MC Dinero

Smash Bros Moveset - MC Dinero

"This moveset is a walking bitch!"

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