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"I know I'm still young, but fighters in training really have the desire to win!"
Universe Capcom
Debut Street Fighter III:Third Strike
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Cosmo The Seedrian(Only)
Enemies Ibuki
Everyone who calls her a male
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl


Neutral B: Hayate

Makoto draws back her fist while her scarf flutters in the wind, then suddenly dash forward fist-first. How long she stands with her fist drawn back is determined by how long the B button is held; however if it is not released after a certain amount of time, she performs the dash anyway. The delay "charges" the attack: the longer she waits before dashing, the more damage the attack will inflict if it hits. If Down B is pressed while she stands in this position, she will return to stance and the attack is cancelled.

Side B: Oroshi

The attack is an overhead karate chop. The attack must be blocked high. When it hits, will knock your opponent back a bit (13%).

Up B: Tsurugi

Makoto jumps and performs a flying axe kick which must be blocked high (14%), with the EX Special version doing the most (18%).

Down B: Karakusa

Makoto grab the opponent by the neck and briefly choke them (6%). The attack does minimal damage but after completion, the opponent is momentarily incapacitated. This allows Makoto to follow the choke with a hard-hitting combo which the opponent can do nothing to prevent. The EX Special version which inflicts 16% damage in the choke itself, but more importantly also has Super Armor.

Final Smash 1: Seichusen Godanzuki

Makoto punches her opponent in the groin (13%), then punches them in the head and torso three more times (21%), and finishes with an upward punch that sends them flying into the air (40%).

The attack's main focus is the first punch; if this punch misses or is blocked, Makoto does not continue with the other four punches.

Final Smash 2: Abare Tosanami

Makoto jumps away from the opponent, then kick-jumps from the edge of the screen (Not a chance!) and aims a flying kick at the opponent (15%). If this connects, she will knee her opponent in the stomach (8%), perform a spin kick (7%), and finish with a Fukiage attack which sends the opponent flying (45%).

Final Smash 3: Tanden Renki

Makoto enters a blind rage, which turns her skin red and increases the damage inflicted by all of her attacks by 25%. Which last for 15 seconds.







Character Description

Makoto is a young Japanese tomboy, raised in the rural Tosa region of Japan and trained in Rindoukan karate. Although having little fashion sense for a girl her age, she still hates when she is mistaken for a boy. She develops something of a rivalry with kunoichi Ibuki, as shown by their alternate opening when they fight each other.

Other Attacks


Snake Codec


Classic Mode







  • Her style of karate shares similarities to Shotokan Karate.
  • Makoto Nanaya, a character from the BlazBlue series, gains Makoto's Abare Tosanami and Seichūsen Godanzuki when in her alternate "Unlimited" form (though most of her other moves come from Dudley).
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