World of Smash Bros Lawl Wiki

Entrance: Yacht Boat

Mario will enter in a yacht and jump off. From the Yacht Game

Special Attacks

Neutral - Yoshi or Koopa

Mario summons a Yoshi or Koopa. You can move your Yoshi/Koopa, but not Mario. Don't worry, he'll be controlled as a CPU until your Yoshi/Koopa gets KO'ed. Press B to attack with Yoshi/Koopa


Yoshi will grab the opponent with its tongue. The longer the opponent is inside Yoshi, the more damage caused. The only way to break out is to move left and right


The Koopa can help you in battle too (if you press B that is)

They won't come back until 15 seconds if they get KO'ed

Side - Dice

Mario will snap a dice. Hold Side B a long as how many dices you can snap. You might even get a red ice that's a six

Up - Dominoes Box

Mario will get into a dominoes box and launch upwards. Like Pikachu's Up B, you can move it using the control pad. This move can also help Mario get back to the stage

Down - Go Fish

Mario will get out a card and start playing Go Fish with the opponent. The closet character to Mario gives him one card. (press Neutral B) Four or more of the same character will give Mario a book. In stock limit, Mario has to go fish if a player gets defeated.In classic mode, maybe Mario can't get data from other fighters from other Lawl teams

Final Smash - Game Gallery

Mario snaps his finger and say "That's a game!" then oppotent got hitted by Dominoes and so oppotent now land on those dice that damages the oppotent 6 times and cards flew on oppotents cause it with 30% damage.

KO Sounds

1: "Eeeeeehhhhh?"

2: ""Uh Oh!"

Star: "Oh no!"

Screen 1: "Eeh?"

Screen 2: : "Heeeeere..."


Side: "I'm-a so good!"

Up: "Come here, fishy fishy!"

Down: "That's a great game!"

Victory And Lose


1: "I won!" with the I Win Sign

2: Swims underwater catching a fish saying "Come here, fishy fishy!"

3: Mario gets crowned saying "Look at this! It's a King Mario!"

Easter Eggs

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Hey! That guy looks like Mario!

Palutena: That's Mario's Game Gallery.

Viridi: You're right. Have you seen his Super Jump Punch and Green Missile?

Palutena: I have no data on that kind of Mario.

Pit: I can't put my finger on it, but Mario seems...different somehow.

Palutena: Anyway, He's a gamer from an PC Game called; Mario's Game Gallery

Pit: What is Mario gonna play, Checkers, Go Fish, Dominoes, Backgammon, Yacht?!

Palutena: All of the above.

Viridi: Puh-lease! Comparing Mario to you is like hundreds of games

Pit: That's five, Viridi!

Palutena: Mario was an artist of Game gallery, So careful not to cheat.

Viridi: You better not fail!

Pit: Yeah, Right, Thanks, Viridi.