"Blasted tools, can't even last for a simple job."


Deathly Doors

Mario Walks Through a Door


Mario Has a Meter On His HUD, When Filled, It Activates His Killer's Instinct Mode, Turning Mario Into Alice, Dealing Far More Damage For 20 Seconds

Normal HUD


Neutral B - Crowbar

Mario Stabs With His Crowbar, Dealing High Damage With Low Knockback, Allowing It To Combo Into Other Moves. However If Spammed, It Breaks, Making it Deal A Third Damae For 10 Seconds

Side B - Stealth

Mario Moves With Stealth To Deal Get Behind or Away From Foes. Works As a Very Strong Escape Method
Malice HUD

As Alice/Malice

Up B - A Brother's Love

The Ghost of Luigi Helps Mario Up, Giving Him Invincibility During The flight And Not Putting Him Into Freefall

Down B - Save and Load

Allows Him To Do Multiple Things

1: He Can Use It As a Way To Heal Damage

2: He Can Warp Back To Where The Save Pen is

3: He Can Use It To Restore Opponents Percent After They Heal

4: He Can Heal Teammates Damage

The Pen Updates Every 10 Seconds

Final Smash - Sanity Or Insanity?

You Get To Choose Between The Sane Route and The Insane Route

Sane Route:

Marchionne Helps Mario and Attacks The Stage With Lightning, Magic and Other Attacks He Has

Insane Route:

Mario Is Powered By The Seven Deadly Sins, Breaking Him Once and For All. He Has Every Stat Buffed

Final Smash With Alice - Killer's Rage

Alice Pulls Out a Chainsaw, Killing At Very Low Damage

Final Smash Without Using Down B - Len's Guidance

Len Attacks The Stage With Her Magic Attacks, Dealing The Most Damage Out Of His Final Smash


1: "Ack!"

2: "Eek!"

Star: "AAAAHH-"

Screen: "Ah!"


Up: Mario's Eye Flashes Green

Sd: Mario Slightly Cries, Before Regaining His Posture

Dn: Mario Pokes a Chest With a Stick, The Chest Then Eats The Stick

Victory Options

Looks Like He Got His Happy Ending After All

1: Mario Gives a Friendly Look at His Opponent

2: Mario Holds up A Picture of Him and Luigi, Then Holds it To His Heart

3 (Sane Final Smash): Marchionne is Behind Mario, When Mario Turns To Look At Him, He Leaves

4 (Insane Final Smash): Stained Glass Fills The Screen

5 (Killer's Instinct): Green-Eyed Mario Punches The Screen

6 (No Save Final Smash): Len Appears, Saying To Mario "I Guess You Didn't Need My Help." Mario Nods

Lose Pose


The Game Over Screen From MTMB ARC Is Seen



Green: Luigi

Tan Clothes With Black Undercoat: Riba and Alice (Tan Also Works For Luciano)

Wonderland Outfit: Wonderland Update

Monochrome (The Cat Thing): Valentines Update

Black: Marchionne

Crown: Sündige Nacht

Brown Overalls, Black Undershirt, Gold Outlines, White Hair, Blue and Yellow Eyes: Len

Victory Theme

Mario The Music Box - Shut The Future (Final 20 Seconds)


Cleaver: Basic Stabbing Attack

Story Item: Brooch


Haunted Mansion


Sündige Nacht's Theme


  • This is The First Horror Character in Lawl Orbit
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