MegaMan X
"That's right...It's begun again...How long must this war go on?"
"That's right...It's begun again...How long must this war go on?"
Universe Capcom
Debut Mega Man X (1993)
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Zero (His buddy Friend)
Enemies Vile
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl



X teleports in while saying "Let's do this!"

Special Attacks

Neutral B - X-Buster

Tap the special attack button will make X fire a plasma bullet, dealing minimal damage. Hold the special move key to charge energy for a more powerful shot. Also, if you do aerial shots, you can only fire either the plasma bullet, or the fully charged shot. There are four stages of charge depending on how long the key is held down for:

  • First Stage deals 5%-7%.
  • Second Stage deals 9%-11%.
  • Third Stage deals 11%-13%.
  • Fourth Stage deals 30%.

Side B - Lightning Web

A weapon obtain from Web Spider, X will fire an electrically-charged web that travels a preset distance before it opens up and stays in place, and acts like a wall for a short period of time - X can then use the Lightning Web to wall-jump to reach new heights. Once the Lightning Web has been jumped or wall-jumped from, it will then disappear shortly thereafter. When charged, X fires a single Lightning Web which networks out to another eight, causing damage to multiple opponent. These webs cannot be climbed on, however.

Up B - Storm Tornado

X fires a long, horizontal tornado that remains on the screen for several moments before heading in the direction X is facing. When used in the air, X is surrounded by a screen-high vertical whirlwind that goes upwards.

Down B - Falcon Armor

X swaps to his Falcon Armor.

  • Head Parts - Increases the maximum shot capacity for all Attacks by 10%.
  • Body Parts - Halve damage taken and reduce recoil. X can use the Giga Attack, by pressing A and B, he will unleash a wave of Spear Charged Shots all across the screen, severely damaging opponent that it hits.
  • Arm Parts - X obtains a new high-powered charged shot named "Spear Charged Shot" that can penetrate walls and shields when fired.
  • Foot Parts - Enables X to fly for a limited period of time by holding down the button while in the air. During flying state, X gains invincibility against collision damage, allowing him to fly through opponent without taking damage; attacks and projectiles however, can still damage him. As X flies, a barrier is generated around him, damaging enemies upon contact. Also, the Foot Parts in this game sacrifices the air-dash for the flight function.

This will last for 10 seconds. You have to wait 6 seconds before using it again.

Final Smash - Ultimate Armor

X swaps with the Ultimate Armor. His defense and speed highly increasesd at 35% to the time, it gains invicebility, and cannot be stun, burned, or freezed.

Neutral B - Plasma Shot/Ultimate Buster

X shoots a Plasma Shot (1st stage: 20%, 2nd stage: 25%, 3rd stage: 30%), can also stun the enemy in a blue spark. If you charge the attack it becomes Ultimate Buster where X shoots a powerful Blue Laser from his arm cannon (45%).

Side B - Nova Strike

X surrounds his body with immense energy, then performs an invincible flying tackle that plows through (and damage) enemies almost effortlessly (17%).

Up B - Shoryuuken

Like Ryu's Up B, X does a rising uppercut to attack opponent directly upward.

Down B - Ultimate X

X transforms into a giant form (Resembles Hyper Mega Man but colored in black armor), charges up and release 6 Powerful Big Energy Balls that will K.O. the opponent.

The Final Smash lasts for 15 seconds.





Screen KOSFX:





Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: 

Victory 2: X strikes a pose and teleports off.

Victory 3:

Lose/Clap: Explodes in the fashion of the death animation from Mega Man X4 to X6.

Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

Mega Man X, named Rockman X (ロックマンエックス Rokkuman Ekkusu?) in Japan, commonly called "X", is the main protagonist of the Mega Man X series. He is the successor of the original Mega Man and is Dr. Thomas Light's greatest creation. Throughout the X series, X is a Maverick Hunter who fights alongside his partners Zero and Axl in order to maintain peace and stability in the world and protect humans and Reploids alike from Maverick Reploids, though X would like nothing better than the opportunity to stop fighting. Because of his aversion to violence, X is initially ranked a B-Class Hunter, but he is eventually promoted to S-Class. X is the first robot to possess sophisticated technology and behavioral adaptation, based on the last design of Dr. Light. Dr. Cain, the scientist who found him, was never able to fully analyze X's internal systems and system code. Despite this, Cain was able to replicate X's general architecture, making X the precursor to each and every Reploid brought into production. This makes him the proverbial 'father' of the Reploids. Though X and Zero are technically not Reploids, as they are the first of their kind, they are known as Reploids to reduce confusion.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo - Magma Blade: Slashes with his Z-Saber that is infused with flame energy, creating two fireballs (that are as large as X himself) forward in the process. This is a fairly quick attack and has a fairly wide vertical range.
  • Dash Attack - Sonic Slicer: Fires two blades of energy.

Tilt Attacks

  • Side - Shotgun Ice: Fires a shard of ice that can freeze and/or damage a target. Upon the collison, smaller shards will be fanned out in the opposite direction.
  • Up - Meteor Rain: Creates a sphere of water that travels up to the top of the screen then travels downwards until it disappears upon hitting the ground.
  • Down - Melt Creeper: Sends a wave of flames on the floor.


  • Side - Hadoken: Shoots a blue fireball from his palms. This is a good KO move.
  • Up - Double Cyclone:
    • Uncharged: Holds both arms outward and releases two green wind energy balls on each side of him that curve upward for a preset distance before disappearing.
    • Fully Charged: Fires two green cyclones from both sides of him that go all the way past the screen.
  • Down- Electric Spark:
    • Uncharged: Fires a small electrical burst in the direction he is facing.
    • Fully Charged: When charged, a pair of spark columns fire horizontally in front of and behind X.


  • N-Air - Twin Slasher: Shoots out a pair of two purple energy crescents that travel in diagonal directions from each other. These energy blades quickly travel across the screen and gradually increase in size.
  • F-Air - Speed Burner: Dashes forward at high speed while engulfed in flames, damaging anything in his path.
  • B-Air - Wind Cutter: Fires an air-element boomerang that homes in on the nearest enemy.
  • U-Air - Rising Fire: Peforms a Shoryuken-esque flaming uppercut that makes him go up in the air for a bit, and after the uppercut has been executed, a large fireball is then shot upwards, similar to the weapon's normal fire.
  • D-Air - Triad Thunder: Causes three orbs to surround X, in an upwards triangular pattern, which conduct electricity between them in a triangular pattern, then fire a trio of electric blasts outward before falling down the screen.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Strike Chain: Fires out a quick chain with a hook on its end to grab the opponent. The hook can grasp to ledges to pull X towards, or grasp and bring back items.
  • Pummel- Slashes with his Z-Saber, a slow pummel move.
  • Forward- Volt Tornado: Throws fowards and creates an electrified spiral that rolls forward after a few seconds
  • Backward- Tornado Fang: Throws backwards and shoots a drill-shaped missile tht spreads into three missiles and attacks the opponent.
  • Up- Gravity Well: Releases a Gravity Well upward, only this time with a black hole generated. Once in the sky, it lifts enemies up towards it.
  • Down- Ground Fire: Throws downwards and shoots a swirling fireball on the floor that shoots three embers in random directions.


  • Ledge attack: Moving Wheel: Fires a single wheel that moves along the floor. It can also move up walls.
  • 100% ledge attack: Spin Wheel: Fires a saw-like disc which crawls along the floor.
  • Front attack: Metal Anchor: Throws an anchor-like projectile that bounces about until it hits something or after some time.
  • Back Attack: Sniper Missile: Launches a homing missile.
  • Trip attack: Tri-Thunder: Fires three lightning bolts (upwards, forwards and downwards) that transform into spheres that roll along surfaces.


Mega Man's Helmet

Victory Music

TBA - Enter End of a Video

Kirby Hat

X's Helmet and his X-Buster.

Wiimote Sound


Classic Mode


Snake Codec


Role In SSE



Colors & Costumes


  • The original Mega Man and Mega Man X aren't the same robot.
  • Statistically, his buster is three times stronger than the original Mega Man's. However, in the cartoon show, it was shown to be about five times stronger.
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