Mini Mario is a Lawl Orbit Fighter


Mini Mario Capsule

Mini Mario Hops Out of A Mini Mario Capsule


Neutral B - Mini Hammer

MM Preforms 2 Hammer Swings, Stunning Those Hit

Side B - Mini Goomba

Mini Mario Whacks a Mini Goomba, Causing It To Fly Away Until Colliding With Something And Exploding

Up B - Spring

Basically Sonic's Up B

Down B - Mini Luigi

Mini Luigi Appears And Follows Mini Mario, Copying Mini Mario's Inputs (Taunts Included!) For 10 Seconds. 30 Seconds For Recharge Time

Final Smash - Cursed Mini Mario

Mini Mario is Cursed, Causing Him To Deal More Damage For 10 Seconds, However Mini Mario's Down B is Changed To Mini Bowser, A Stronger Version of Mini Luigi


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