Mr. M is a Fast Fighter Who Uses Lightning

(Every Attack Does Electric Damage With Potential To Stun)


Beware The Red Lightning!

Mr. M Comes on The Stage Through A Lightning Bolt

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Zap!

Mr. M Sends a Bolt of Lightning In Front of Him.

Side B - Supercharged Hammer

Mr. M Whacks anything Ahead of Him With a Lightning Powered Hammer

Up B - Light Up

Mr. M Travels Up As a Bolt Of Lightning Similar To Pikachu

Down B - Shutdown

A Weak Lightning Bolt that Lacks Damage and Speed But Stuns Everything It Hits

Final Smash - Lightning Strikes Twice

Mr. M Dives The Stage and All Hit By it Are Hit in a Cinematic Cutscene

Mr. M Starts By Hitting Them Again and Again (Posing Each Time) Before Charging a Lightning Bolt That Sends The Opponents in The Air and He Strikes Them With Lightning Again This Time Ending The Final Smash


The Same as Mario


Up: Mr. M Poses So His Body Makes an M Shape

Side: Mr. M Makes a Trophy Out of Lightning Then Throws it Away (Deals 1%)

Down: Mr. M Spins His Hat Before Putting it Back On His Head

Victory Options

1: Mr. M Jumps up and Curtains Cover Over Him, Only to be destroyed by Mr. M's Lightning

2: Mr. M Uses Lightning to Make a Starman

3: Mr. M Jumps Around Until Hitting The Camera

Failure Pose

Mr. M Is Seen Fallen Down With a Spotlight Over Him

Standard Attacks

Mario's Standard Attacks With Lightnin
M's Trophy



Codec Call/Palutena's Guidance

Codec Call

Snake: ...

Otacon: What is it Snake?

Snake: This guy... He's Mario Right?

Otacon: No. He's Mr. M. He Calls Himself The Red Lightning.

Snake: I Can't Imagine Why.

Otacon: He Uses Lightning Alot. And Poses Alot Too.

Snake: Ok Then...

  • End Of Call*

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Its Mario!

Palutena: No.

Pit : Huh?

Palutena: He's Called Mr. M.

Viridi: He Likes Posing. And Lightning. Preferably Red.

Palutena: Just Stay On You're Feet Pit. He Can Stun With His Lightning. And Give You A Real Shock *Laughing*

Viridi: Ugh.

  • End Of Guidance*


Paper Luigi, Who Else Could it be?

Pros & Cons

+ Very Quick

+ Stunning and Electric Attacks Can Keep Opponents Away

- Incredibly Squishy

- Lacks Ways To Get Opponents Away From Him (Supercharged Hammer is a Combo Finisher)

Extra Stuff

Alternate Costumes

Mr. M Icon

Mr. M's Battle Icon

is Replaced By Green: Mr. L and Mimi

Black Is Replaced By Blue: Mario

Purple and Yellow: Dimentio

Orange: O'Chunks

White: Count Bleck

Victory Theme



Castle Bleck


Return Pipe: Sends The User Back On The Platform if Knocked To The Death Border


Brobot Battle

Kirby Hat

Kirby Sports a Red Hat With a Sideways M and A Bandanna

When Chosen



This is The Fourth Lawl Orbit Character

This is the First Lawl Orbit Character To Use Lightning and Stun

Mr. M Does Not Like Alexa

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