Multi HMX-12
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Universe Aqua Plus
Debut To Heart
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl EX
Friends AVGN
Claude Giroux
Akari Kamigishi
Miku Hatsune
Yuki Nagato
Sticky Microsoft Sam
Ritsu tainaka
Amy Sorel
Madoka Kaname
Edd Gould
Tomo Takino
Konata Izumi
Hercules (Disney)
Shiny The Hero/Super Shiny
Ichigo momomiya
Lydia Prower
Rio Hinayama
Serio HMX-13 (Her sister)
Lee Ping
Roll (See Trivia)
Sayaka Miki
Enemies Benthelooney (he's a jerk to her)
BND mask of guo xiang
Gary Bettman
Dan VS.
Nightmare Zero
Dr. Eggman
Mr. Lickboot
Dr. Neo Cortex
Cobra Commander
Braden Fabian
Jim Harbaugh
PBS 1971 Logo
Emergency Alert System
Charlie Sheen
Yoshikage Kira
Lawl Team EX


Standard B- Mega Buster

Multi fires a rocket from her Mega Buster, dealing the opponents 9% damage, the rocket can follow the opponents when they are moving on stage as well

Side B- Hear Boomerang

Multi gets out one of her Robotic ear and throws it at the opponents dealing them 5% damage, when her Robotic ear is goes far it comes back to her it can also hit the opponent (5% damage) while she throws it press B to make it go back to her

Up B- Helicarre

Multi grews a little helicopter Wing on her back and she will begin to fly up on stage to go up to ledges, when the opponents touch it, it will deal the opponent 6% damage, press Down B to cancel the move

Down B- Tearfull Explosive

Multi begins to cry and spreads bombs everywhere near here then she rolls back, when the opponents touch it the opponent deals 10% damage, if the bombs are still not touch, press Down B to make the bombs explode

Final Smash- Sisterhood of Cleaning

Multi summons a bunch of clones of her and they storm on stage, the clones well just don't effect Multi herself but her clones deal the opponents insane damage and extreme knock-back and/or instant KO, the Final Smash ends when the clones are off stage.

KO Sounds

KO Sound 1: ???

KO Sound 2: ???

Star KO: *Cries*

Screen KO: ???


Taunt Down: *closes her eyes and smiles*

Taunt Side: *Mops the floor*

Taunt Up: ???

Winning Options/Lose Pose

Option 1: *She Speaks Japanese* "I know cleaning is my hobby, but winning is the best!"

Option 2: She giggles when Hiroyuki Fujita pats her on the head

Option 3: "these cherry blossoms are pretty!"

Option 4 (Only against Shiny The Hero): *Giggles* Oh shiny!

Lose: Crying

Other Attacks


Character Description

Multi HMX-12 is An experimental humanoid maid robot from the HM (Human Maiden) series robots made by Kurusugawa Electronics. She was sent to Fujita's school to learn how to behave like a human. Multi is a very cheerful girl who loves to clean. Unfortunately, she isn't very good at it nor household chores, which contradicts her purpose. In the anime, Hiroyuki and Akari help Multi to improve her skills. In order to charge her batteries, she needs to be connected to a laptop with a cable stored in her hand. She becomes a central character in To Heart: Remember My Memories when she appears to have had her memories erased (particularly those of her times spent with Hiroyuki), resulting in a dilemma for Hiroyuki and inadvertently causing grief for Akari. She also appears in Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream. HMX-12 Multi is from the novel To Heart. In the visual novel, she is an experimental maid robot, and she made her first appearance as one of the game's ten female main characters. Multi was created by writer Tatsuya Takahashi, who wrote her scenario for the visual novel, and designed by illustrator Tōru Minazuki. She is voiced in Japanese by Yui Horie in the visual novel and anime, and by Lenore Lenore in the English version of the 1999 anime.

Role in Subspace Emissary


Snake Codec



  • According to Kenneth1chase, she is similar to Roll because there both humanoid robots that clean and have a similar age.
  • Despiced making her Last appearance in To Heart Remember My Memories, she returns in Aqua Plaza (Which is a crossover fighting game featuring characters from Aqua Plus' games)
  • Along with Akari Kamigishi she and Akari makes a cameo appearance in Comic Party Episode One in the dream scene (Keep in mind there's To Heart references in Comic Party just like Lucky Star having Haruhi references)
  • Her Final Smash (Sisterhood of Cleaning) came from Aqua Plaza
  • Multi is considered one of the best characters of all time in the Smash Bros Lawl universe due to her cuteness

Classic Mode


Moveset Theme




  • Maid Multi (Multi in her maid outfit)

Victory Theme

To Heart theme song


The To Heart logo



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