200px-Oleg promo image
Universe Deep Silver
Debut Saints Row the Third
Appears in Super Lawl
Lawl with Garterbelt 4
Friends The Protagonist
Kinzie (Secret Crush)
Enemies Killbane
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl/Garterbelt

Character Description

Oleg was a former KGB agent. Standing around 7 feet tall when compared to other characters and extremely muscular, he was favored not only for his immense physical strength but also his intellect.

Assist Throphy (Super Lawl)

In Super Lawl he was an Assist Thropy. When being summoned, he will run around the stage, punches the opponents with his fist, after he punches 8 times, he will attempt to grab the opponent, if is succeded, he peforms a Delayed Vertical Suplex, then finishes off with a Piledriver or uses his Mini-Gun, after that Oleg dissapeares.
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