"I'm gonna chop this tree and make my THNEED!"
Universe Dr. Seuss
Debut The Lorax
Appears in The Lorax
Friends Rarity
Enemies Lorax
Nostalgia Critic
Lawl Team HTFfan321

Entrance: Mule-drawn wagon

The onceler rides on his stage on his wagon

Neutral B: Truffula Tree

A tree will appear in front of the Onceler (it can only be spawned on the ground, the truffula tree will act like a platform, the tuffs can be picked up, and they will recover a bit of health. They will also drop truffula fruit wich acts like food (DUH!) There can only be four trees on at one, if a fith one is placed, the oldest tree will disapear

SideB: The axe

The Onceler will swing his axe fowards. This can chop traps and thrown items in half. I the move is used near a tree, he will chop it down, the stump will remain for a few seconds, and if someone is in the way of the tree falling, the will be given major knockback and damage.

Up B: Bed throw

The lorax will appear and throw the Onceler upwards in his bed. If it lands on someone, they will be stuck in the ground. If the bed lands in water, the bed will float and the Onceler will act like a platform, the Onceler can get out of it by pressing B. The Lorax will stay and Throw around barbalutes, however, he can be K.O.ed

Down B: Supplies

The Onceler will get out his wagon again, and start throwing things out of his wagon. The things he throws out will stay and can be thrown. If the wagon is attacked, the thing will break, and a bunch of supplies will fly out.

Final Smash

The Onceler will put on his suit from how bad can i be, and swing around on a steel beam hanging from a string, the Onceler will fly around at random. Anyone who gets hit takes damage. The song "how bad can i be" will play as the stage turns into the Oncelers factory. The B moves will be much diffrent

  • Neutral B will cause two giant speakers wich will fire stunning (litterally, they stun opponents) sound waves.
  • Side B will cause Shlop to pour out. Anyone who get hit by it will have poisoned, and they will be unable to run, do side B attacks, Down B attacks, and Grabs
  • Up B will cause smog to pour upwards, if anyone gets hit, they will be poisoned faster, and be unable to double jump, do up B attacks.


Up taunt: Everybody needs a thneed.

Side taunt: I'm just saying.

Down taunt: Uh, no.

Victory & failiure/clap animations

Victory 1: How bad can I possibly be?!

Victory 2: I'm going to keep biggering, and biggering, and BIGGERING!!!

Victory 3: Mom, Dad, come over right away! We're gonna be rich!

Failiure: Ditched by family
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